General Auction

Thursday 30th September 2021

General auction from 10:00 am in The Mart Sale Room, 32 Roman Bank, Skegness, Lincs, PE25 2SL

1History of the Second World War Magazines
2Programmes incl. Skegness Working Men’s Club, Skegness Town Guides, 1950’s Menus, etc.
3Tray of Ephemera incl. Military, Music and Theatre Programmes
4Ephemera incl. Vintage Newspapers, Postcard Booklets, black and white Photographs, etc.
51954 Handbook of the ‘R’ type Bentley Motor Car
6The first ever ‘Dennis the Menace and Gnasher’ Beano Comic front cover, no. 1678 dated Sept 14th, 1974 and officially framed with the Beano Collection Stamp
7Reference Books incl. Millers Collectables, etc.
8Dictionaries and other reference Books
9The Beatles Ephemera incl. Books, CD and Calendars
10Antique brass bound Family Bible with illustrations, some being in colour
11Antique Family Bible, the cover requiring attention
12Assorted CD’s
13Assorted CD’s and DVD’s
14Single Records from 1950’s to 1980’s with some 1980’s LP’s
15Assorted Single Records
16Assorted LP Records incl. The Shadows, Simon and Garfunkel, Abba, etc.
17Assorted LP Records incl. Cliff Richard
18‘The Best of Cliff Richard and The Shadows’ boxed set of 8 LP Records
192 Beatles LP Records  ‘With The Beatles’ from 1963 and ‘Beatles For Sale’ from 1964
20Full set of King George V Cigarette Cards in an Album plus assorted loose Cards
21Ogden Guinea Gold Cigarette Photo Cards
22Loose Cigarette and other collecting Cards
23Vintage Tourist Postcards
2419 vintage Skegness and Mablethorpe Postcards
252 complete trade Card sets, 1938 Churchman Cigarettes ‘Association Footballers’ and Cadet Sweets ‘Arms and Armour’
26‘Classic Cricket’ Cigarette Cards book containing 154 cut-out Cards , an empty 1930’s Card Album, etc.
27Five 1930’s Cigarette Card Albums incl. ‘Speed’ with two Tea Card Albums, all complete
28A well-presented 1930 set of 50 Players Cigarette Cards ‘Regimental Standards and Cap Badges’
29Assorted Foreign Postcard Booklets incl. Palm Beach, USA
30USA Air Mail Letters, etc.
31Commemorative First Day Covers featuring 1970’s RAF Stations
32Commemorative First Day Covers featuring 1970’s RAF Squadrons
33Album of Commonwealth Territories mint Stamp Sheets celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s 60th Birthday
34Album of Commonwealth Territories mint Stamp Sheets and Books celebrating the 1986 Marriage of Prince Andrew
35Album of Commonwealth Territories PHQ Cards and First Day Covers celebrating the 1986 Marriage of Prince Andrew
36Mint Commonwealth Territories Stamp Sheets and Books celebrating Royal events
37Loose Album sheets of Commonwealth Stamps incl. Queen Victoria
382 Stanley Gibbons part Albums of GB and Australia Stamps with pre-printed pages
39Album of GB Stamps incl. King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II
40A framed collage of GB Stamps, size 76 cm x 50 cm, together with GB Stamps on Card
41Commemorative Wall Plates featuring British War Planes of World War II
42Keel Street Cottage China
43Assorted china and glass incl. Royal Albert Old Country Roses Jug, Pot Lid, etc.
44Caithness Glass Vase and Scent Bottle
45Royal Doulton ‘Canton’ Plates, Pots, etc.
465 pieces of stylish Art Glass Animal Paperweights incl. Lenox and Bohemia
47Green glazed twin handled Vase, height 17 inch
482011 Calport ‘Georgina’ Figurine
492012 Brompton and Cooper ‘Sweet Rose’ Figurine designed by Suzy Cooper
50Vintage Italian Figure of a lady seated at the Harpsichord, undersigned G Giradi 655
51Large china Tiger ornament
52Wedgwood and Compton and Woodhouse black Egyptian Figures
536 Franklin Mint Jungle Wild Cat Ornaments
54Franklin Mint ‘Forever Diana’ Seated Figure
55Juliana ‘Wolves in Winter’ Wild life Ornament
562 larger and 2 smaller china Italian Cockerels, 2 damaged
57Royal Stuart Tea service with a hunting pattern
58A pair of tall Staffordshire blue Vases
59Religious china Figure ‘Mary Queen of Heaven’
60A pair of porcelain Orca killer Whale Ornaments
61Heavy pink art glass star shaped Bowl, possibly Murano
62Royal Stafford Tea service with hand painted bird decoration comprising 10 Cups, 12 Saucers, 12 Tea Plates, 2 Sandwich Plates, milk Jug and sugar Bowl
634 Mugs and Jugs incl. Wedgwood, Holkham, etc.
642 glass Decanters with stoppers
654 pieces of Sylvac Maple leaf decorated China
663 Caithness and Selkirk glass Paperweights
67Italian china vintage style Car, small greek Vase and an Indian brass Dolphin
682 beige and green Skegness Studio Pottery Ashtrays
692 beige and green Skegness Studio Pottery graduating footed Urns
704 beige and green Skegness Studio Pottery graduating ribbed bodied Jardinieres
71Boxed Royal Worcester Nursery Rhyme Plate and Baby Photograph Frame
722 commemorative Wall Plates ‘Working Horses’
73Studio Pottery
74Ivory blue and white Dinner Plates and Platters
75Vintage Doulton Dishes, Plates, etc.
76Duchess part Tea service
77Shelley part Tea service, undersigned no. 10849
78Crown Derby Pin Dish, Royal Doulton Bowl, etc.
79Wade Bough Pot and Carnival Glass Dishes
80Assorted china incl. Tea for One set by Purple Ronnie
816 Vases incl. a hand painted Arthur Wood Jug
82A boxed pair of Bohemian Crystal Brandy Glasses
83Ship’s Decanter and other Glassware
84Large Beswick red Fox
85Small seated Beswick Red Fox
865 Beswick Garden Birds
872 China and glass Vases with flower display and a glass and wooden tea light holder
884 china Figurines
893 Royal commemorative Mugs and a Teaspoon, all Elizabeth II
90Abbeydale pin Dishes and lidded Boxes in the style of Derby Posies
91Royal Doulton, Royal Worcester and other small Vases, Ashtray, Plates, etc.
92Aynsley Rosebowl and Portmerrion  Botanic Garden scented oil Burner
93Royal Crown Derby Imari 1128 pattern pin Dish and a similar plate
94Royal Doulton ‘Elegance’ Figurine
953 R D James of Melbourne Wall Plates depicting Churches and 1 similar
96Royal Crown Derby ‘Derby Posies’ incl. Plates, Dishes, Milk Jug and Sugar Bowl
97China Garden Bird by Van Goebel, Germany
98Beswick seated Mouse
992 pieces of Old Tupton ware comprising preserve Pot and Specimen Vase
100Aynsley Orchard Gold Large Fruit Bowl
101Aynsley Orchard Gold pierced Bowl
1022 Wade Whimsie Dogs, one being Disney
103Larger Wade Whimsie Tom and Jerry Figures
104Vintage Japanese ‘Kutoni’ Eggshell Tea ware comprising Teapot, Sugar Bowl and 3 Cups and Saucers with Geisha heads to the base
105A set of 4 Murano frosted swirling glass Lamp shades, one having it’s original Label
106Vintage Pair of Dresden, Germany porcelain Cherub adorned Wall Sconces
107Vintage pair of Dresden, Germany porcelain Cherub adorned Shoe Vases
108Vintage Dresden, Germany porcelain Centrepiece Bowl adorned with flowers over a base of 2 recumbent Cherubs, petal and leaf losses
109Vintage Dresden, Germany reticulated Centrepiece Bowl decorated with applique roses being held aloft by 3 Cherubs, wing and petal losses
1102 large grey china Elephants
1112 large white china Elephants
112Large blue and white china Elephant with Howdah Plant Stand
113Smaller Satsuma style china Elephant with Howdah Ornament
 25 pieces of Mason’s Ironstone ‘Manderlay’ design china, comprising;-
114Electric Table Lamp with pleated cream shade
1153 graduating Jugs
1162 Ashtrays and a Dish
1172 lidded Ginger Jars and a lidded bonbon Dish
1182 graduating Jugs
1194 Vases
120Mantel Clock
121Large Plate, Bowl and Stand
1225 small dressing table pieces
123Royal Doulton Series Ware Quatrolobe Dish entitled ‘The Gleaners’
1241960’s Midwinter Salad ware Bowl designed by Terence Conran
125‘A J Wilkinson’ Clarice Cliffe Biscuit Barrel
1264 Dinky die cast Vintage Vehicles with a Lesney die cast Motorcycle and Sidecar
127Vintage Britains lead Nursery Rhyme Pig in a shawl, height 2 inches
128Vintage bone and ebony Dominoes, wooden Draughts pieces and Board
1292 x 1970’s boxed Action Man Sky hawk Accessories
130Original 1970’s boxed Battleships Game
131Dominoes, Poker Dice and Cribbage Board
1325 Porcelain Dolls
133Plush Rotweiller Soft Toy, height 20 inches
1346 boxed knives and a kitchen Clock
135Compasses and technical drawing equipment
1363 Steel bodied Shoulder, Rabbit and other  Planes incl. Stanley
137Carpenters wooden Toolbox and Tools
1382 walking Sticks
139Size 1 Bowls Woods
140No Lot
141Twist and Shape Exercise machine
142Hanimex Camera
143Silver plated Tray, Teapot and Candelabra
144Brass Fireside Companion set
145Vintage Squeezbox  Accordian made in Saxony plays but has 2 missing keys
146Star Wars ‘Mandalorian adult sized Helmet
148Vintage Aprons, Hats, Framed Photograph, etc.
1492 x 1960’s Motorcycle Scarves, Vespa Pin Dish and Pen, Agfa Camera, Wallet, Gloves, etc.
150Assorted items incl. Bamboo Pot, Unframed Watercolour, treen, Compass, etc.
151Olympus IS1000 Camera in it’s travel case
1522 Regency and Franklin Mint Egyptian Ornaments
153Office Filing Trays
154Artist’s wooden box Easel
155Carved wooden Turtle style lidded Box
156Vintage Salter Grocer’s cast iron Scales, requires a new pan
157A pair of black fibreboard Nomad Cases for transporting Photographs, Art work, etc.
1582 sets of vintage wooden Step Ladders
159Set of vintage wooden Step Ladders
160Walking Stick with a carved Dogs head Knop with glass eyes
161Empty wicker Picnic Basket
162Quilt, Curtains, Throw, etc. still in packets
163Resin Sheep, Flamingos, Novelty Teapots, etc.
164Resin Indian Goddess and Elephant Ornaments
165Brass effect Ornament of Lovers
166Brass Ornament of Rams on a Hillside
167Large Resin Ornament of a Tiger with her Cub
168Resin Elephant Ornaments
1695 wooden Elephant Ornaments
170A pair of wooden Wall Brackets in the form of Elephant heads
171Gold coloured decorative Wall Bracket with Cherub decoration
172Brass and Copper Vases
173Chromed Jaguar Car Bonnet Mascot on a wooden plinth
174A pair of tall stylised resin Oriental figures
1753 South American hard wood Plaques with a similar Totem
1766 resin classical style figures incl. Leonardo
177Enamelled Vesta Case with 2 bejewelled small white metal Handbag and Basket
178Resin Meercats ornament by Leonardo
179Shopping and Handbags and Jackets still in wrappers
180Military Cloth Badges and Mess Tin
18157 x 4 inch square 1930’s dappled brown Fireplace Tiles
182Sample box of 22 x 2 inch square Richards Floor Tiles
183Terracotta Tiles comprising 5 x 6 inch x 3 inch, 27 x 3 inch x 2 inch
18448 x 4 inch square 1930’s mottled pink Fireplace Tiles
18550 x 6 inch x 3 inch Victorian Border Tiles with brown, mottled brown and green edging
1861930’s mottled brown Fireplace Tiles comprising 9 x 6 inch x 3 inch, 7 x 6 inch x 2 inch, 21 x 3 inch x 2 inch, 33 x 4 inch x 1 inch, 3 x 6 inch x 1 inch plus oddments
18717 x 4 inch square embossed Fireplace Tiles with images of Sailing Ships in 3 patterns
18880 x 6 inch x 1 inch 1930’s pink lustre Fireplace border Tiles
18922 x 6 inch x 1 inch 1930’s burnt orange Fireplace border Tiles
19051 x 6 inch x 1 inch 1930’s mottled pink Fireplace border Tiles
19121 x 6 inch square Victorian Fireplace Tiles in 4 flower designs
19290 x 4 inch square 1930’s mottled brown Fireplace Tiles plus 2 larger Tiles
19386 x 3 inch square 1930’s mottled pink Fireplace Tiles
1943 x 6 inch square Tiles with some damage having monochrome USA scenes plus 2 further Tiles
19510 x 6 inch square Victorian Fireplace Tiles in 2 geometric patterns
19611 x 6 inch square deep brown glazed Tiles in 4 patterns with 8 similar 6 inch x 3 inch border Tiles
19717 x 6 inch square Embossed Victorian Fireplace Tiles having 3 similar flower designs
1987 x 6 inch square embossed Victorian Geometric design Tiles, one with a corner missing
19933 x 4 inch square 1930’s buff Fireplace Tiles with embossed images of Deer and Geometric patterns
2002 boxes of 3 inch, 4 inch and 6 inch square Tile samples
201Boxed Royal Selangor Pewter Teddy Bear Photograph Frame
202Boxed Royal Selangor Pewter Baby Time Capsule
203Boxed Royal Selangor Pewter Winnie the Pooh Egg Cup
204Boxed Royal Selangor Pewter V & A Corkscrew
205Boxed Royal Selangor Pewter Teddy Bear Book Ends
206Boxed Royal Selangor Pewter Umbrella shaped Babies Money Box
207Boxed Royal Selangor Pewter ‘Lord of the Rings’ ‘Grima wormtongue’ Goblet
208Pillar stand for an electric Drill
2094 Tenon and 1 Panel Saw-unused
2105 Panel Saws-some unused
2115 Panel Saws-unused
2125 Panel Saws-unused
2135 Stanley Panel Saws-unused
21455 piece Tool set with a heavy duty Tool Bag-unused
21555 piece Tool set-unused
216Powerfix plastic Toolbox with Screwdrivers, etc.-unused
217Stanley plastic Toolbox with assorted Tools-unused
218Plastic Toolbox with Hammers and Screwdrivers-unused
219Assorted unused Hand Tools
221Powerfix Spirit Level with one other
222Plastic Toolbox with assorted pairs of Pliers-unused
223B & Q plastic Toolbox with assorted unused Hand Tools
224Powerfix Vice-unused
225100 piece Drill bit and Bore set-unused
226Unopened box of Turbo Gold  Screws
2275 empty aluminium Toolboxes
228Paint Brushes
2295 Hammers-unused
2305 Hammers-unused
231Garden Tools
232Boxed Powerfix Trowel set-unused
2333 vintage Scaffold Boards of varying lengths
234An original buff coloured rectangular bodied Chimney Pot, height 30 inches
235An original round Millstone Grinding Wheel with a central square socket, having a diameter of 27 inches and a width of 5 inches
2365 embossed tin and other vintage photograph frames
2372 boxed Disney design silver plated photograph frame and photograph Album
238Small Photograph Tree with miniature oval photograph frames
2394 prints of traditional English Country scenes
2402 framed vintage Cabinet Photographs of 2 young ladies
2412 prints of thatched Cottage scenes in oak frames
242Vintage round print on a hunting theme of a boy admiring the hound pups in an oak frame, size 15 inch diameter
24319c monochrome print in an oak frame entitled ‘Two’s Company, Three’s none’ after Marcus Stone, size 19 inch x 11 inch
244A pair of 19c coloured prints of Huntsmen at the Hostelry in oak frames, entitled ‘When Good Fellows get together’ after Birney and ‘Discussing the new Game Laws’ after Mohlte, both sized 22 inch x 14 inch
245A pair of 19c monochrome prints in oak frames, the first depicting Oliver Cromwell entitled ‘’Refusing the Crown of England, AD 1657’ and the other a Cavalier winding wool with his lady entitled ‘Entanglement, both sized 21 inch x 16 inch
246Print after a Victorian Coaching scene with a smaller Cottage Needlepoint
247Atmospheric Oriental print of cottages by a river
248Large vintage Oriental painting on paper of pagodas and mountains, signed by the artist, size 42 inch x 20 inch
249Framed Oriental silk Needlepoint of Pagodas and Mountains
250Copper Picture with 3d image of galloping Horses
251Naïve Watercolour of St Mary’s Church, Long Sutton by Stewart Pearson, 1976
2523 prints of Lions signed by the artist Stephen Gayford, Limited Edition of 300
2534 prints of Tigers signed by the artist Stephen Gayford, Limited Edition of 300
2542 prints of Animals signed by the artist Stephen Gayford, Limited Edition of 300
2552 framed Egyptian prints on Papyrus
2562 prints after Rembrandt Van Rijn ‘A Man in Armour’ and ‘The Golden Helmet’
257‘The Dinner Party print after Jules Grun plus one other
258Large framed print of 2 Tigers
259Print of a Dutch River scene after D F Dane
260Rectangular Mirror in a gilt style frame
261Vintage overmantel Mirror with a white and gold painted wooden surround and  heart shaped glass
262Rectangular Mirror in a gilt style frame
263Shield shaped Mirror in a gilt rope effect frame
2643 stylised Mirrors the tops decorated with flowers
265Decorative Mirror in a gilt style frame etched with a scene of a Swan with 2 Cygnets
266Vintage GB Halfpennies and Farthings
2676 Eliz II commemorative Crowns
268Victoria One Penny Model Token by Joseph Moore 1844-1848, being the scarcer version with nose pointing to letter ‘R’
269Guernsey 1966 Royal Mint Proof Coin set featuring Ten Shilling, 8 Double, 4 Double and Three Pence
2701873 German 10 Pfennig Coin, Berlin Mint with a 1957 GB ‘Calm Sea’ Half Penny, both having good definition
271Cased 1991 CCCP 5 Roubles Coin with an 1876 Norwy 5 Ore, both having good definition and patina
2721943 WWII France German Occupation Vichy State Franc with two  1941 and 1943 Netherland German Occupation 10 Cent Coins
2731937 George VI Coronation .500 half silver Crown Coin, being high grade
274A pair of George VI 1951‘Festival of Britain’ Crowns and a pair of 2002 Eliz II Crowns
2751938 George VI .500 half silver Half Crown Coin, being high grade
2761923 George V .500 half silver Half Crown Coin, being high grade
277Royal Mint Pack of 13 USA brilliant uncirculated Quarter Dollars
2781995 Royal Mint silver Two Pound ‘Dove of Peace’ Coin commemorating the end of WWII
279A set of 12 ‘History of British Currency’ Medals, each with an inset coin, in a wooden case
2801969 Medal to commemorate Apollo XI First Manned Moon Landing, July 20th, 1969
2811808 East India Company uncirculated 10 Cash from the Admiral Gardner shipwreck, with COA
2829 assorted Isle of Man 1970’s Crowns and commemorative 25 pences
283Cased GB Coin set featuring the complete Decimal Issue and the last Predecimal Issue incl. a large sized 50 pence piece
2841763 Hungarian Habsburg Queen Maria Theresa 1Poltura Coin
285A pair of 1870 Austrian silver 10 Kreuzer Coins
2861790 Netherlands Zelandia Dutch East Indies 1Duit Coin
2871976 Austrian silver 100 Schilling Coin commemorating Innsbruck Winter Olympics
288Three 1835 East India Company Half Annas and Quarter Anna
289GB and Ireland Coins from 1960 onwards
29051 assorted World Banknotes
2919 assorted World Banknotes from the WWII period
292Vintage Lapel Badges incl. German Hiking, Civil Defence Corps, etc.
2937 Butlin’s Lapel Badges of the 1960’s for the Clacton and Bognor Regis Holiday Camps
2948 Butlin’s Beaver Club Lapel Badges of the 1960’s
295Assorted Jewellery incl. Necklaces, Rings, etc.
296White metal Collarette Necklace with a Ruskin stylecentral  hardstone oval Cabochon, on a belcher link chain
297Assorted Ladies and Gents Wristwatches
298Gold effect Wristwatches, mostly Ladies
299Silver Cufflinks, gold plated Jewellery and Wristwatches
300Silver handled Shoe horn and Button hook
301A pair of silver Candlesticks
302Cut glass sugar Sifter with a silver top
303Sterling silver flower and butterfly Jewel set Ring
304A pair of silver rimmed cut glass Scent Bottles
30513 fine silver Necklaces
30633 silver Pendants and Charms
3079ct gold Necklace and Ring with heart shaped emerald coloured stones
3089ct gold Necklace with a hand painted flower pendant
3099ct gold Necklace with a pearl and sapphire pendant
3109ct gold Necklace with a heart shaped pendant
3119ct gold Necklace with a pearl and diamond pendant
3129ct gold Necklace with a CZ Crucifix pendant
3139ct gold sapphire and diamond Ring
3149ct gold diamond Ring
3159ct white gold and diamond Ring
316A pair of 9ct gold Cameo Stud Earrings
317A pair of 9ct gold Cameo drop Pendant Earrings
318A pair of 9ct gold Ear Studs and two 9ct gold gemstone Pendants
3199ct gold diamond and amethyst Ring
3209ct gold diamond and ruby Ring
3219ct gold Ring with a mounted oval green aventurine semi-precious stone
32218ct gold diamond Trilogy Ring
3234 wheeled Mobility Walker
324New Splash slipover Scooter Bag
325Shoprider Jimmie 4 wheeled Mobility Power Chair with right hand activated controls on an arm, with charger
326Shoprider Sovereign 4 wheeled Mobility Scooter in red livery, with charger
327Onyx Table Lamp with  Victorian style glass Shade, requires rewiring
328Sony Personal Audio system
329Sony 26 inch Television
330Brass and glass sun design Light Fitting
331Boxed Parkside Bench Belt Sander – unused
332Boxed Parkside Detail Sander – Unused
333Beko white Fridge-Freezer
334NilFisk Patio Cleaner
335Electra Beckum Compressor with Spraygun attachment
336Boxed Parkside Jigsaw-unused
337Boxed Parkside Jigsaw-unused
338Boxed Power Devil Router-unused
339Mini Compressor-unused
340Boxed Parkside Hammer Drill-unused
341Boxed Parkside 18v Battery Drill
342Bosch Toolbox with Drills, Cordless Screwdriver and Craft Tool
343Dutch hooded Wall Clock with brass decoration
344Hand built miniature Longcase Clock with a brass face
345Modern brass French ormolu style Mantel Clock with quartz movement
346Classical style black slate Mantel Clock with a sweeping body over a slate base and enamelled dial
347Vintage Italian Ornate Centrepiece Clock hiving a blue enamelled body with a round mechanical movement and enamelled dial with a brass base with Cherubs and Lion’s head handles
348Mid Century oak cased Mantel Cock with a silvered dial
349Mid Century oak cased Bracket Clock with a Junghans movement, etc.
3508 vintage and modern Alarm and Travel Clocks incl. Tortoiseshell
351Boxed Huahong square faced, leather framed Wall Clock
352Boxed round Wall Clock by London Clock Co. with temp and humid gauges and a quartz movement
353Boxed Seiko Pendulum Wall Clock with a quartz movement, No. QXC215B
354Boxed Seiko Pendulum Wall Clock with a quartz movement, No. QXC205Y
355Mid 20c Granddaughter Clock in an oak case by Bravington’s Ltd, requires weights, chains and pendulum
356Mid 20c oak cased square bodied Longcase Clock with square glass panels to the front and a silvered dial, requires weights, chain and pendulum
357A well figured mahogany cased Edwardian Longcase Clock, height 72 inches with inlaid decoration to the case, having a brass Face, Chapter Ring and Spandrels with  half-moon phase top and an 8 day movement with pendulum and an hourly chime
358Modern round Aneroid Barometer made in Germany
359A pair of mid-century oak Chairs with plain plywood seats and backs
360Glass topped oval Coffee Table with a French Cane Undertray
361Mahogany Hall telephone Table with gold upholstered seat
362Modern oatmeal upholstered Chaise Longue on square legs
363Cane framed Barrow style House plant display Cart with 2 large wheels
364Demi Lune china display Cabinet
365Samira Super Rug in a Leopard design, size 160 cm x 115 cm
366Mid-century oak demi Lune Sideboard-display Cabinet, the centre having  a curved door and drawer under a falling front flanked by 2 glazed displays
367Brown leather ’Stressless’ style reclining elbow Chair on a swivel base with a matching Footstool
368Tall glazed illuminated display Cabinet with glass to 3 sides, glazed shelves, Mirrored back and inset clock to the pediment
369Nest of 3 oak Occasional Tables with distressed tops
370Oak occasional Table with a beaten copper top
371Low upholstered Footstool with a drawer
372Mahogany Torchere with a reeded column
3733 piece Cottage Suite having a light oak frame and floral upholstery, comprising a 2 seater Settee and 2 Armchairs
374Light Oak style open Bookcase
375Nest of 3 light oak Occasional Tables
376Glass topped Cane Coffee Table
377Round oak Occasional Table
378A set of 4 modern 1950’s style white wooden dining Chairs
3794 wheeled Tea Trolley
380Mid Century ‘Remploy’ light oak dining suite comprising a 4 legged drawer leaf Table and 4 stylised Chairs
381Mid Century ‘Remploy’ light oak Sideboard on a modular open base
382Ercol dining Suite in a dark colour comprising a rectangular Refectory style Table and 6 ‘Old Colonial’ design Chairs with drop in upholstered seats, 2 being carvers
383Cream leather 3 seater Settee
384Reproduction beech Grandfather elbow Chair with a carved back splat
385Reproduction beech Grandfather elbow Chair with a carved back splat
Viewing Times: TUESDAY 28TH SEPTEMBER and WEDNESDAY 29TH SEPTEMBER – 10.00am to 5.00pm & MORNING OF SALE – 9.00 am to 10.00 am

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