General Auction

Thursday 24th September 2020

General auction from 9:30 am in The Mart Sale Room, 32 Roman Bank, Skegness, Lincs, PE25 2SL

LOT No.                                                               DESCRIPTION



  1. Motoring Books
  2. Motoring Books
  3. Motor Racing Scrapbooks, photos and Motorsport Videos
  4. Steam Railway Books
  5. Steam Railway Books
  6. Steam Railway Books
  7. Lincolnshire Books
  8. Lincolnshire Ephemera
  9. Skegness and Lincolnshire Ephemera incl. Lincs Roadcar 1933 Timetable
  10. Lincolnshire Maps
  11. Vintage Pictorial Pamphlets of English Stately Homes
  12. Landranger OS Maps, etc.
  13. Atlases, Road Maps, Geography Books, etc.
  14. Electrical Engineering Books
  15. Educational Books
  16. 4 Autograph Books
  17. Children’s Books
  18.     Vintage Children’s Books incl. Domini Doormouse
  19. Volumes 1 – 8 of 1907 Harmsworth Self Educator Books
  20. Sheet Music – mostly Organ
  21. Sheet Music – mostly Organ
  22. Sheet Music – mostly Organ
  23. Cookery Books incl. Mrs. Beeton’s 1901 Edition
  24. Books and Magazines incl. Mrs. Beeton Everyday Cookery and 1961 Honey Magazine
  25. Assorted vintage Novels
  26. Assorted vintage Novels
  27. Poetry and Prose incl. Milton, Wordsworth, Shakespeare, Longfellow, etc.
  28. 17 Charles Dickens Novels most being part of a series by Hazell, Watson & Viney
  29. A large quantity of vintage Model Engineering Magazines
  30. A large quantity of vintage Meccano Magazines
  31. 4 vintage Model Shipping and Engineering Catalogues incl. Bond’s, Bassett – Lowke,

Stuart Models and Kennion Bros.

  1. 1936 Bibby’s Annual in excellent condition
  2. 1937 George VI Coronation flier, Eliz II Wedding Gift list, etc.
  3. 1951 Festival of Britain Battersea Park Pleasure Gardens guide, etc.
  4. 1856 White’s Directory of Lincolnshire, requiring attention
  5. 1787 Religious week preparation, 1873 Memoirs of Billy Bray, Corner Cup’d, etc.
  6. 1813 ‘The Housekeeper’s Receipt’ Book
  7. A hand written Book by F. Norris in 1781 containing 132 Food and Drink Recipes
  8. 1859 ‘The Scottish Chiefs’ by Miss Jane Porter with 1867 ‘Beyond The Mississippi’ by

Albert  D. Richardson

  1. Late 1800’s Volumes 1 and 11 of ‘The Natural History of the Sacred Scriptures and

Guide to General Zoology by Bicknell, each with around 300 coloured engravings

  1. LP’s, Singles and CD’s
  2. Stamps, Stamp Albums, Tea and Cigarette Cards
  3. Cigarette Cards
  4. Album of vintage Stamps incl. GB with many Victorian, Empire, USA, France,

Germany and Colonies

  1. Album of Lincolnshire Postcards
  2. 5 Albums of tourist Postcards
  3. 5 Albums of tourist Postcards
  4. 4 Albums of tourist Postcards
  5. 4 Albums of tourist Postcards

                      CHINA and GLASSWARE

  1. Denby and other coffee Mugs
  2. Majolica Jardiniere, treacle glazed Toby Jug, Earthenware Jug, etc.
  3. Small china coffee ware
  4. Royal commemorative Mugs
  5. Royal commemorative Plates and Dishes
  6. Royal commemorative Mugs
  7. Modern Oriental china
  8. China celebrating people and places of interest
  9. 7 Bradex Wedgwood and other Country Farming wall plates and slates
  10.   Dog related items comprising Print, Plates and Ornaments
  11.   Decorative mid 20c china Pots, Baskets, etc
  12.   5 Bradex and other WWII Warplane Plates
  13.   2 vintage green glass Baskets and Fish Dish, blue glass Jug and Ball
  14.   3 Preserve Pots, Torquay Dis and Wade Log
  15.   Plates and Mugs celebrating vintage modes of Transport
  16.   China Rabbits, Monkeys, Birds, etc.
  17.   Interesting china incl. a pair of Lobster footed Dishes
  18.   Jugs and Teapots
  19.    5 glass Dishes incl. Carnival, blue and clear
  20.   Cut glass and Bohemian glass Vases
  21.   Figurines
  22.   5 pieces of Wedgwood blue Jasperware
  23.   Robin ornaments incl. Art glass Paperweight
  24.   Small china Boxes and 2 small Clocks
  25.   11 pieces of Wedgwood green Jasperware
  26.   Cut glass and pressed glass fruit Bowls
  27.   4 china Teapots with a London coffee Mug
  28.   4 pieces of Royal commemorative china incl. Victoria, George V and George VI
  29. Frog Ornament and other small china
  30.   Pyrex coffee Pot, Crown Devon, Carlton, Wade and Sauce Pots
  31.   Coloured glassware and Paperweights
  32.   China Horse with  plastic Drey
  33.   2 Staff china Dogs and 2 damaged recumbent Calves
  34.   Wall hanging plaster Ducks and Terns
  35. Vintage blue glass Vases and Lamp
  36. Glass Paperweights incl. Prisms
  37. Attractive fruit patterned Staffordshire table ware ‘Autumn Fayre’ compr. Teapot,

Jug, 4 Plates, 2 side Plates, 4 Bowls and 2 Cups and Saucers

  1. Worcester ‘Richard MacNeil’ design Chicken decorated Teapot, etc
  2.          Unusual stretched Coca Cola Bottle with 2 Glasses
  3. Large blue Squirrel handled Sylvac Jug with similar style Lion posy holder
  4. 5 china Bells incl. Poole, Royal Albert Cup and Saucer, etc.
  5. Stylised china Mice in Cheese, Hats, Barrels, etc.
  6. Vintage blue and white china Bowls and Stands, mostly repaired with a 19c

Wedgwood footed Fruit Bowl with a small chip to the rim

  1. Glass Cake Plates, Bowls, etc.
  2. European and GB majolica style Plates and Vases, mostly green
  3. Batemans Pub water Jug, ceramic White Horse bottle Pourer and damaged Orlwite

Biscuit cone server

  1. Wicker Picnic Hamper with Empire ware China
  2. Willow Pattern Plates, Bowls and Platters incl. Wedgwood Fallow Deer
  3. Four 19c hand painted Bowls and covered Soup Tureen
  4. Dutch lidded Pot, Butter Dish with cow handled lid, etc.
  5. Murano glass Bird and other Paperweights
  6. Delft china Figures, Clogs, etc.
  7. 19c Oriental hand painted china Bowl
  8. A large quantity of Nursery china incl. Keele Street, Meakin, etc.
  9. Boxed Wade baby Tortoise set, 13 Whimsies, Tortoise Ashtray, etc.
  10. Studio Cat in the style of Sarah Winstanley
  11. Melba ware Old English Sheepdog and Collie Dogs
  12. 2 black hand painted Cats with balls inspired by Beswick
  13. Beswick Fox and one similar
  14. Beswick Spaniel
  15. 3 Wade Disney ‘Lady and the Tramp’ Whimsies, etc.
  16. Beswick ‘Lochinvar of Lady Park’ Collie Dog and similar Collie Dogs
  17. Large Beswick ‘Lochinvar of Lady Park’ Collie Dog with a smaller Beswick version
  18. 4 Edinburgh Crystal ‘Thistle’ design Brandy Glasses
  19. A pair of tall Imari pattern Vases with ribbed bodies and flared rims
  20. Treacle ware Teapot and Kettle in typical Measham Barge ware decoration

Both having ancient damage

  1. A pair of vintage Cranberry frilled glass Bon – Bon Dishes on metal stands
  2. A pair of Victorian Pink and milky white glass Lustres, some droplets missing



  1. Royal commemorative Jigsaw Puzzles
  2. Steam Railway and similar Jigsaw Puzzles
  3. Assorted Jigsaw Puzzles
  4. Assorted Jigsaw Puzzles
  5. Assorted Jigsaw Puzzles
  6. Assorted Jigsaw Puzzles
  7. Assorted vintage Toys and Games
  8. Assorted vintage Toys and Games
  9. Assorted vintage Toys and Games
  10. Foreign Dolls
  11. Cat and Leopard soft Toys
  12. 2 plastic USA articulated container Lorries
  13. Battery operated remote controlled Dog
  14. Scalextric Mini Racing Car Game
  15. Box of assorted vintage Meccano
  16. 2 Corgi die cast articulated Lorries, one being Eddie Stobart
  17. Vintage cut out wooden Animals, etc.
  18. 8 vintage cast Animals, Guardsmen and Telephone
  19. 6 vintage cast WWII War Planes with a Dinky Singapore Flying Boat
  20. Vintage Britains and other cast Farm Animals, Figures, Soldiers, etc.
  21. Vintage cast Well, Wheelbarrow, Oatsheaves, Churns, Fencing, etc.
  22. Vintage cast Britains No 40F Farm Cart and Horse in it’s original Box in mint

Condition together with a Britains Horse and Pole Cart requiring attention

  1. Triang Minic tin plate Truck, Austin Seven Car and similar Flatbed Lorry
  2. 9 Dinky Meccano Ltd Trackside Vehicles, Flatbed Lorries, Bus and Car
  3. 00 and larger Gauge model Railway Figures, Sacks and Signage
  4. 00 and larger Gauge scratch built wooden model Railway Buildings, Rolling Stock,

Trix TTR Track, etc.



  1. 2 Xiong Sheng 1/18th scale red and silver Ferrari Cars
  2. 2 Tonka Polistil 1/16th scale Silver Mercedes Benz RW196 and White MGA

Twin cam Cars

  1. 1 Autoarc 1/18th scale Black Jaguar 120C Car
  2. 1 Pauls Model Art Minichamps 1/18th scale Sauber Petronas C22 F1 Racing Car
  3. 3 Maisto 1/18th scale White Audi R8 Le Mans – Sieger 2000, Silver Mercedes Benz

CLK – GTR and green Jaguar XJ 220 Cars

  1. 2 Burago 1/18th scale blue 1934 Bugati type ’59 and Silver Mercedes Benz SSK Cars
  2. 2 Burago 1/18th  scale Yellow Alfa Romeo Spider 1932 and Purple 1934 Alfa Romeo

2300 Monza

  1. 2 Burago 1/18th scale Red 1957 Ferrari 250 Testarossa and 1965 Red Ferrari 250 Le

Mans Cars

  1. 2 Burago 1/18th scale Red 1987 Ferrari F40 and Red 1962 Ferrari GTO Cars
  2. 2 Burago 1/18th scale Blue Dodge Viper GTS Coupe and Red 1961 Porsche 356B Cars
  3. 2 Burago 1/18th scale Green 1961 Jaguar E and Silver Mercedes Benz 300SL Cars
  4. 2 Burago 1/18th scale Yellow 1997 Chevrolet Corvette CS and White 1988

Lambourghini Countach Cars

  1. 2 Burago 1/18th scale Red 1962 Ferrari GTO and Blue 2001 Mini Cooper Cars
  2. 1 Road Signature 1/18th scale Blue 1965 Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe Car
  3. 2 Solido 1/16th scale Green 1964 Mini Cooper S and Blue new shape Mini Cars
  4. 4 Burago 1/24th scale Blue 1936 Bugati Atlantic, Silver 1954 Mercedes Benz 300SL

and 2 Black and Silver 1948 Jaguar XK 120S Cars, some requiring attention

  1. Universal Hobbies 1/16th scale Grey Ferguson TE 20 Tractor
  2. Universal Hobbies 1/16th scale Red Ferguson 35 Tractor

                              MISCELLANEOUS and COLLECTABLES

  1. Workshop Tools incl Soldering Iron
  2. Hozelok Hosereel with Lervia Sprayer
  3. Kitchen Containers
  4. Vintage Christmas Decorations
  5. Christmas Baubles
  6. Musical Jewellery Box and other Boxes
  7. Treen
  8. 2 Suede Coats
  9. Soda Syphon and Homeworks Storage Jar
  10. 3 boxed sets of Cutlery
  11. Pair of brass Candlesticks, small Handbell, etc.
  12. Wicker Picnic Basket and mini Shopping Basket
  13. Interesting Stones
  14. Resin and plastic Dogs
  15. Ornate brass Door stop
  16. 4 long necked Dutch inspired plaster and wooden Cats
  17. Wooden Candlesticks and brass Fire Irons
  18. Flat Iron and 2 cast Trivets
  19. 2 interesting metal ware fireside Cats
  20. 2 boxed Artist’s painting sets
  21. Wooden Lighthouses, Fishing Boats and Trawlers
  22. Rigged model of ‘Cutty Sark’ sailing Ship with a Ship in  bottle
  23. Vintage Suitcase and Cash Tin
  24. Swiss style miniature wooden Cottages
  25. Reclaimed oak Melon Bulb Posts, etc.
  26. 4 sections of interesting timber Planking
  27. Garden Tools
  28. Miniature Oak Barrel on stand, requiring attention
  29. Boxed Stanley Combination Plane, steel bodied smoothing Planes, Tenon Saws, etc.
  30. 2 T G Green style Mixing Bowls with a stoneware Pippin
  31. A series of 3 graduating brown vintage Suitcases
  32. Tortoiseshell style Dish and 2 travelling Coat Hangers in a skin case
  33. Tortoiseshell style grooming ware incl. brush set
  34. Vintage oak ‘The Gurney’ Invalid bed back Rest
  35. Plaster Elephant and wooden Lion Bookends, Lions require attention
  36. Large quantity of red clay seedling Pots
  37. Vintage Tins
  38. Wicker Shopping Bsket
  39. Galvanised Tin Bath and Buckets
  40. 3 Oil Lamps
  41. Buttons
  42. Wooden twin handled Dish
  43. interesting items incl. Borjois Compact, Jonny Figure, Esso Blue Key Ring, etc.
  44. interesting items incl. Compacts, Cigarette Cases and Lighters
  45. Silver Plated Trophies, etc.
  46. Artificial Flowers, etc.
  47. Handbags
  48. Ladies Vanity Kit, etc.
  49. Wooden Coal Box
  50. Sea Shells
  51. Indian Brass ware and similar Pig Money Box
  52. Workshop Drawers of Fixings
  53. Wheelbarrow
  54. Honda Petrol Motor Mower
  55. Wooden Tool Drawers and contents
  56. Vintage Garden Tools
  57. 4 wooden Tressle Table Stands
  58. Modern hard shell Suitcase
  59. Set of 3 desktop Drawers
  60. Pair of Green Kat Binoculars in a case
  61. Cottons, Knitting Needles, etc.
  62. Buttons and Belt Buckles
  63. Resin Dogs and Sheep
  64. Resin Dogs and Sheep
  65. Fiddle hndle and other Cutlery
  66. Green enamelled and brass Kitchen Beam Scales and brass bell style weights
  67. Minton vintage Wall Tile plus one other
  68. Minton Hollins and Co vintage Sepia Wall Tile
  69. Tin Trunk
  70. Tin Pawn Brokers Balls
  71. Wooden Trunk
  72. Union Jack cotton Flag on stick
  73. 2 Union Jack cotton Flags on sticks
  74. Mahogany Tea Caddy with a smaller mahogany inlaid Box
  75. Mahogany Jewellery Box with hinged lid and lower drawer
  76. 2 leather music Satchels
  77. Vintage black Frister and Rossmann Sewing Machine in wooden case
  78. Kodak Instamatic 133 Camera with 2 flash cubes in it’s original box
  79. 2 Polaroid Instamatic Land Cameras
  80. Kodak VPK Model B Bellows Camera in it’s original box with a pair of Binoculars
  81. Vintage round pine Bread board and Utensils
  82. Interesting items incl. bone letter Knife, Eye Glass, Button Hooks, etc.
  83. Vintage miniature electric Desk Lamp with fitting for a Pygmy Light Bulb, on a

Bakelite base, missing the battery compartment, with a hide shade together with

a Steel and glass hanging Shade with Starburst decoration

  1. Vintage scallop shaped Ladies evening Purse
  2. 2 Cane Carpet Beaters
  3. 1960’s wire Magazine Rack with red ball feet and musical note decoration
  4. 5 pairs of vintage wire rimmed Spectacles some being gold plated
  5. A leather bound racing style Car Steering Wheel by JPC England
  6. 1880 Needlepoint of Heckington Shop with a further 1881 Needlepoint
  7. Ukelele in hard shell case
  8. Wooden Truncheon
  9. 19c Metronome by Maelzel Paquet
  10. Post War Bundeswehr West German Army Officers peaked Cap
  11. 3 lace adorned WW I greetings Cards from the front, a Somme Book, Cap Badge

and Military Spoon with No. 2787139 imprinted on the handle

  1. Lincolnshire Regiment Swagger Stick with crested silver plated Knop
  2. 3 Walking Canes, one with a silver end cap
  3. Ebonised Walking Cane with silver adornments plus one other

                      PICTURES and MIRRORS

  1. Assorted vintage framed images of Spilsby and surrounding area
  2. Assorted Naïve Oils on Board
  3. Assorted Naive Oils on Board
  4. Assorted Collages made from Buttons
  5. Assorted Collages made from Buttons
  6. Assorted Naïve rural Landscapes
  7. A series of 3 framed Naïve drawings of typical Dutch figures with 2 similar

Spoon stands

  1. 2 vintage Oils on Canvases with 2 watercolour River scenes
  2. 3 scenic Prints
  3. Hunting Oilograph, etc.
  4. 3 Steam Railway Prints
  5. Print of ‘Sir Nigel Gresley’ A4 Pacific Steam Locomotive after D L Noble
  6. A series of 3 Prints depicting the WW II Aircraft of the Battle of Britain Memorial

Flight after Dugold Cameron, 1988

  1. Lincoln Cathedral Watercolour and Print, Bawdsey Manor Print, etc.
  2. Print of ‘The Stepping Stones, Dovedale, Derbyshire Peak District after Rex Preston
  3. 2 Victorian large framed Photographs, one being a Bandsman together with a

Smaller Victorian family group

  1. A Print of a 1990’s Watercolour Montage by Les Clarke of Ilkeston depicting scenes

From Leicester, Coventry, Nottingham, Newstead Abbey and Lincolnshire together

with an image of an Inter City Train, being print no. 43 of 100

  1. 2 round metal framed Mirrors
  2. 2 modern Mirror framed Mirrors
  3. 2 pine framed Mirrors

                             COINS and BADGES

  1. 29 original style GB £1 coins in 13 different designs
  2. GB decimal Coin sets, etc.
  3. Predecimal GB Coins with a 50 Pfennig Coin
  4. 6 predecimal GB Coins incl. 1812 Birmingham Penny Token and 4 silver Coins
  5. 35 GB 1920-1946 half silver Three penny Coins
  6. 45 GB Pre 1920 full silver Three penny Coins
  7. Pin Badges incl. British Legion, Women’s Institute and Remembrance Day
  8. Silver Regimental Badge with Prince of Wales Vtrs’ Crest, MS Devonia Badge,

Edward VIII 1937 Coronation Badge, etc.

  1. Robertson’s Golly Pin Badges with 5 plaster Bandsmen, 2 having chipped bases

                             COSTUME JEWELLERY and WRISTWATCHES

  1. Crucifixes, Badges, Hatpins, etc.
  2. Assorted Jewellery incl. Pandora style
  3. Beaded Victorian Mourning Jewellery
  4. Vintage Murano Milafioi glass beaded Necklace
  5. Brooches, Necklaces, Earrings and Hatpins
  6. Necklaces, Hatpins and Brooches incl. Milifiori and Mourning beads and Brooches
  7. Gold effect Necklaces, Brooches, Earrings and Cufflinks
  8. Necklaces, Wristwatches and travel Clocks
  9. Assorted Wristwatches
  10. 8 vintage Wristwatches incl. Smiths
  11. Ladies and Gents Wristwatches incl. Junghans


  1. Silver Identity Bracelet, etc.
  2. Silver bladed Penknife with Mother of Pearl handle
  3. 2 silver bladed Penknives with Mother of Pearl handles
  4. 2 silver propelling Pencils, pencil Cover and one other
  5. Silver Cake Slide, silver handled Fork and 3 silver Tespoons
  6. 2 Georgian silver Dessert Spoons


  1. A pair of 9ct gold Earrings
  2. 9ct gold Wedding Band
  3. 22ct gold plain Wedding Band with an 18ct gold and platinum 5 diamond Ring

both have been cut

  1. An 18ct white gold and diamond Eternity Ring
  2. A Ladies Rotary Wristwatch in a 9ct gold case with a gold plated expanding strap, the

Swiss movement has been seen working



  1. Dimplex oil filled Radiator
  2. Vax Air Reach cyclone vacuum cleaner
  3. Samsung 32 inch HD Television
  4. Bosch white Fridge-Freezer
  5. Beko white under counter Refrigerator
  6. Hotpoint Future white under counter Freezer
  7. Hotpoint Aquarius 7kg Washer-Drier


  1. 2 reproduction Wall Clocks
  2. Brass miniature Carriage Clock by Swiza with a manual movement and one other
  3. SB Barometer, mini Weather House and Lighthouse style Wall Clock
  4. Vintage oak cased Westminster Mantel Clock, the front having Starburst decoration


  1. Nest of 3 oak occasional Tables
  2. Square oak side Table
  3. 2 vintage club style Chairs, both requiring attention
  4. Oak square side Table with an inset tiled top
  5. 3 coir woven topped low Stools
  6. Oak low chest with a hinged lid and 2 faux drawers
  7. Stained pine wall Shelves with detailed sides
  8. Vintage oak child’s Desk with 4 square tapered legs and frieze drawer
  9. 1950’s mahogany Bookcase with sliding glass doors on a modular base
  10. Piano Stool with a hinged lid
  11. Piano Stool with a hinged lid
  12. Piano Stool with a hinged lid
  13. Round pine Stool
  14. Wooden Wall Cupboard with a tambour front
  15. Glazed display Cabinet
  16. Steel 4 drawer filing Cabinet
  17. Nest of 3 mahogany occasional Tables
  18. Oak oval dropleaf Table
  19. Square cane glass topped occasional Table
  20. Georgian oak hanging corner Cupboard with a panelled door
  21. Light oak fire Surround with a black marble back
  22. Victorian tilt topped mahogany occasional Table on a gun barrel stem
  23. G Plan style Bureau
  24. 4 legged sewing Box
  25. Antique oak 4 legged low Stool
  26. Glazed display Cabinet
  27. Oak arts and crafts style dressing Table with 2 drawers and mirror in

a typically decorated surround

  1. Pine Washstand with 4 drawers having white porcelain Knobs and Gallery
  2. Oak Dresser with an Astagral glazed upper display cabinet
  3. Antique Bureau with falling front over 4 long drawers
  4. 1980’s mid oak Ercol occasional Table
  5. A pair of modern beech style glazed display Cabinets with a matching

Twin doored Cabinet

  1. Demi Lune Hall Table
  2. Myer smoke glass topped modular Coffee Table with a Nathan modular

Occasional Table

  1. Long John Nest over 4 folding Tables
  2. 1950’s leatherette Pouffee
  3. Lloyd Loom style corner linen Basket
  4. Vintage oak Music Cabinet
  5. Edwardian Mahogany Music Cabinet
  6. 1970’s Ercol dark stained Dresser, the base having twin panelled doors and drawers

Under a shelved open canopy with shaped sides and a panelled back

  1. 1980’s Ercol mid stained Dining Suite comprising 6 swan backed dining Chairs,

2 of which are Carvers together with a rectangular Table with a Refectory style base

Which is not original


MINI COOPER MOTOR CAR (to be sold at 12.45pm prompt in the Car Park)

  1. A 2002 blue Mini Cooper automatic Motor Car. A 3 door Hatchback Registration

number FY02 DTK, having a 1598 cc Petrol Engine with an automatic transmission,

being last MOT’d in June, 2016 when the mileage was registered at around 49,000

miles. The vehicle has been owned by the present owners since new.

Viewing Times: TUESDAY 22ND SEPTEMBER, 2020 - 10.00am to 5.00pm & WEDNESDAY 23RD SEPTEMBER, 2020 – 10.00am to 5.00pm

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