General Auction

Thursday 13th August 2020

General auction from 9:30 am in The Mart Sale Room, 32 Roman Bank, Skegness, Lincs, PE25 2SL







  • On entering the building by the Roman Bank entrance ‘only’ all clients will be required to wear a Face Mask and protective Gloves for the full duration of their visit, they will then be required to exit the building via the stairs into the Car Park, with the exception of people with mobility issues who must inform a member of staff who can assist them.
  • View days will be held on the Tuesday and Wednesday prior to Thursday’s Auction, commencing at 10.00am and finishing at 5.00pm on each day. Viewing of the items is by appointment only and all clients must book their time slot with the Auction Department, telephone 07917 186527 to allow the safe management of Social Distancing within the room.
  • The Auction will commence on the Thursday at a revised time of 9.30am and there is to be NO viewing before the Auction. Due to Safe Distancing measures we can only offer a very limited amount of seating on Auction day so we shall encourage clients to leave us with commission bidding forms, which we shall deal with confidentially. Anyone wishing to attend on Auction day must first contact the Auction Department, telephone 07917 186527 to reserve a seat, this can only be done at the discretion of the Auctioneer.
  • At all times whilst in the Saleroom or waiting to enter we shall require all clients to abide by the applicable social distancing measures which we shall clearly display.
  • The Auction will commence at 9.30am and will be limited to 350-400 Lots, we therefore anticipate that it will finish no later than 1.00pm. No lot shall be paid for or removed prior to 30pm on Auction Day to allow the Pay Office Staff the necessary time to have the bills ready to avoid any queueing. We would prefer payment by Card if possible. Please be patient whilst waiting to collect your items as we can only deal with one client at a time.
  • Anyone wishing to remove their purchased items after Auction Day must contact the Auction Department, telephone 07917 186527 to make the necessary appointment.
  • On entry to the Saleroom all clients will be required to sign and confirm they are symptom free, not self isolating, have not been in a high risk area for the last 14 days.  They are also required to leave their telephone number should they need to be contacted through track and trace regulations.







  1. Reproduction Newspapers and Posters of WWII
  2. Vintage Newspapers and Ephemera incl. Horncastle and Skegness
  3. Vintage Theatre Programmes
  4. Vintage Books incl. Lincoln
  5. Pru Leith Cookery Books
  6. Antique reference Books
  7. Knitting Patterns
  8.            Assorted DVD’s
  9. Assorted CD’s and DVD’s



  1. Figurines and Fairies
  2. 4 Ashtrays
  3. 3 items of Stoneware
  4. Modern Imari style Oriental china Vases, Dishes, etc.
  5. Blue and white china Basket
  6. Decanter and glass Bell
  7. Glass bubble Paperweight
  8. 2 heavy glass Ashtrays with 2 dimpled Decanters
  9. Opaque glass Dishes
  10. Cut glass stemmed Glasses
  11. Large hand thrown Derbyshire Jug, Taunton Vale and other storage Jars
  12. Stoneware Pippin, Mixing Bowl and Flour Tub
  13. White china Eschenbach Bavarian Dinner and Tea ware
  14. 2 Spode Christmas Tree and Italian Plates
  15. Wavy edged Carnival glass Bowl
  16. Classical style Fruit Bowl by Till and Sons, Windsor
  17. Blue and white Willow Pattern dinner ware
  18. Assorted Tea ware incl. Royal Albert Cups
  19. 3 Bavarian china Trios
  20. Assorted German coloured stem Wine Glasses
  21. Small Animals, Figures and McDonald’s plastic Bill and Ben
  22. 3 Wedgwood British WWII Warplane plates with BBMF Photograph
  23.     Engine engraved stemmed Glasses, Tumblers, Bell, Jug and Pot
  24. Foster’ Gingerbread Coffee set, Skegness Pottery Candlesticks, etc.
  25. 10 stemmed Wine Glasses in 2 sizes
  26. Crested China and Thimbles
  27. 3 pieces of Asiatic Pheasant 19c Dinner ware
  28. Small china incl. Poole Dish, Posies, Pots, etc.
  29. 6 Jugs and Teapots incl. Losol ware and Peaches and Cream
  30. Oriental Ginger Jar
  31. Fruit Bowls, Fruit set and Jardiniere
  32. China Elephants, Horses Head and Dog ornaments
  33. Classical style Vase with dried flower Display
  34. 3 Copenhagen Lady on a Rock china Figures
  35. Macintyre Tobacco Pot, Ducal Vase and Midwinter Tureen
  36. Series of 5 graduating Ironstone Jugs
  37. Babycham Glasses, Beer Mugs and Fawn spirit Flask
  38.   A pair of Whitefriars inspired amber glass Vases
  39. Cut glass Celery Jar
  40. Large quantity of Denby ‘Arbesque’ Dinner ware
  41. Whitefriars glass Dish
  42. Coloured Glassware incl. spun glass Horse
  43. Cut glass Jugs and Bowls
  44. Cut glass stemmed Glasses
  45. Royal Albert Trio, etc.
  46. Royal Worcester Evesham and other Coffee Mugs
  47. Crown Devon Beehive Box
  48. Arthur Wood hand painted Jug
  49. 1960’s Murano glass Millifiori Paperweight
  50. Pair of Portmerrion Oil Bottles
  51. 1960’s Wade Man in  Boat
  52. Murano cut glass Flower Paperweight
  53. Art Deco Shelley lemon Squeezer
  54. Caithness glass Paperweight
  55. Murano glass Eggs
  56. Indian Tree china
  57. A pair of c1880 Victorian Lustre Jugs
  58. Edinburgh Crystal Clock with an inset £5 Millenium Coin
  59. Abbey ware blue and white china Jam Pot with a shredded Wheat Breakfast Bowl
  60. 8 pieces of Wedgwood blue Jasperware
  61. Rington’s blue and white Jug and Teapot
  62. Edwardian cut glass and silver plated Biscuit Barrel
  63. Hand painted 19c fine china almost complete 12 piece Tea Service
  64. Royal Doulton HN2306 seated Figurine ‘Reverie’
  65. Royal Doulton HN1731 seated Figurine ‘Daydreams’
  66. 2 large and small brown Beswick Horses ( smaller Horse repaired )
  67. 2 green china Dogs of Fo
  68. Royal Doulton Golden Retriever Dog with Puppy
  69. Royal Doulton Spaniel Dog with Puppy
  70. Royal Doulton Labrador Dog with Puppy
  71. Wade Whimsies with Irish Pot
  72. Melba ware Collie Dog and Panda Bear
  73. Beswick Bassett Hound
  74. Beswick heavy Horse Foal
  75. 3 Figurines incl. Willow Tree and Leonardo
  76. Beswick Siamese Cats with Tom and Jerry Condiments ( a/f )
  77. Royal Crown Derby 2451 Imari pattern Sugar Bowl
  78. Set of 6 antique Cranberry glass Wine Goblets
  79. Set of 6 antique Cranberry glass Tumblers
  80. Georgian Wine glass Rinser with smooth pontil
  81. Clarice Cliff Wilkinson Ltd ‘Bizarre’ Milk Jug in Crocus pattern










  1. 3 Russ collectable Bears
  2. Large dappled grey plush ride on Horse




  1.    2 Brass Toasting Forks
  2. Pine Chopping Board, Cutlery and wooden Condiments
  3. Art Nuveau copper Chestnut Warmer
  4. Cased set of 6 Harrods Knives
  5. Set of 6 bone handled Tea Knives
  6. Antique wooden Box
  7. Silver plated 3 arm Candelabra
  8. Canteen of silver plated Fish Knives and Forks
  9. Hampton Court silver plated Cutlery
  10. Lace edged Tablecloths, etc.
  11. Brass Horse
  12. 2 Copper Pans
  13. 3 Copper Measures labelled Whisky, Rum and Brandy
  14. Skegness Pottery Jardiniere
  15. Wooden Desk Calendar
  16. Pair of brass Candlesticks
  17. Wooden Box, Coffee Mill, etc.
  18. 2 Religious Icons
  19. Sewing items
  20. Military and other Engravings
  21. Tray with a needlepoint Panel
  22. Oil Lamps with glass Chimneys and shades
  23. Cast 56lb Grocers Weight
  24. Silver plated Fish set with kitchen utensils in a stoneware Jar
  25. Silver plated Cutlery
  26. Boxed Bakeware and Chopsticks
  27. Vintage wooden Clothes Horse
  28. Fur items
  29. 2 modern Suitcases
  30. Kitchenalia
  31. 2 Jean Patrique professional blocks of kitchen Knives
  32. Golf Clubs, balls, etc.
  33. Bundle of Golf Clubs
  34. Cooking Pans
  35. Cutlery
  36. Cutlery
  37. Kitchen Beam Scales and Weights
  38. Kitchen ware
  39. Cutlery
  40. Linen and Towels
  41. Chrome Stand
  42. Garden Tools
  43. Garden Tools
  44. Wooden Elephant with soft toy Camel and Rider
  45. Briar Pipes, Cigarette Box, etc.
  46. 4 Bar top advertising Displays
  47. Fur Hat on a display head with an Antler Hat Box
  48. Brown velour Sewing Box on legs
  49. Onyx Lighter, Ashtrays and electric Lamps
  50. Steel Cabinet of narrow Drawers
  51. 3 pieces of copper ware
  52. 4 planks of Hardwood Timber
  53. Twin aluminium extending Ladder
  54. Mortar and Pestil with a candle in a rock
  55. Enamel Cheese Dish on wooden base
  56. Silver plated Cutlery, Condiments, Hip Flask, etc.
  57. Set of 4 Hemslite classic 3 medium Bowls
  58. Ladies Evening Bag with ‘Gucci’ label
  59. Indian china Dishes, Brass Ashtrays, Trivets, etc.
  60. 3 vintage Mother of Pearl inlaid oriental Plaques
  61. Wicker Shopping Basket
  62. Union Jack Flag
  63. Nottingham Forest Football Scarf and Hat
  64. 2 Horse Riding hard Hats
  65. Pliers and Fixings
  66. Record No. 84 Bench Vice
  67. Walking Stick with brass birds head handle
  68. Wooden Ship’s Wheel, etc.
  69. Gunn and Moore Cricketing Helmet, size 54-59 cm
  70. Horse Brasses on leather strap incl. Royal commemorative
  71. Challenger red Tool Drawers
  72. Copper Coal Helmet
  73. Pure Store Suitcase
  74. Set of 4 Thomas Taylor No. 4 Bowls in carrying bag
  75. Workshop Tools
  76. Workshop Tools
  77. Brass Companion set with a toasting Fork
  78. Lustre Knight Companion set
  79. Pair of vintage Babycham Fawns, Blackbird Pie Funnel and Wade Bass Pub Jug
  80. Copper Post Horn in leather carrying case
  81. Copper Post Horn in Wicker carrying case
  82. Antique Chinese Mother of Pearl inlayed Sewing Box
  83. Antique cased Meercham Smoking Pipe, c1890
  84. Antique wooden sliding Bookends
  85. Victorian brass Oil Lamp with milky glass Shade
  86. Towels and Tablecloths
  87. Basket
  88. Reproduction Flintlock Rifle
  89. Copper Log Box with lion’s head handles on 4 lion paw feet
  90. Ribbed Steamer Trunk
  91. Twin extending aluminium Ladder
  92. MacAllister electric Rotary Lawnmower
  93. Sprick Sports Tourer Bicycle with 5 speed gears






  1. Vernon Ward Swan print
  2. Oil on Canvas of a Chinese Junk
  3. Assorted Pictures
  4. Print of lady with a candle
  5. 1970’s print of a young Child
  6. Oriental Silks and Floral Pictures
  7. Reproduction period Lincolnshire county Map
  8. Framed special souvenir Poster of Concorde
  9. Early 20c Oil on Canvas of rigged Sailing Bots in choppy Waters ( a/f )
  10. Watercolour of a triple masted General Trading Ship in full sail, signed R E Cropper
  11. Abstract Modern Art piece in Acrylic on Board
  12. Vintage Print of a Pony with Foal in mid 20c oak Frame
  13. A pair of Flower Fairy Prints signed cmb
  14. Pastel of a stylish Lady signed Alec Crane
  15. 80 unframed Prints of Chaffinches and Goldfinches after Basil Ede
  16. A pair of Landscape Watercolours and a Disney Print
  17. A pair of naïve Watercolours of British garden Birds
  18. 1970’s print entitled ‘The Armed Knight, Land’s End’ after Vernon Ward
  19. Prints of Boats on the River after Brian Hayes
  20. Print of Moonlight over the waves and shoreline
  21. 19c Print of Ripon Cathedral, Yorkshire
  22. A pair of 19c Riverscape Prints after E J Duval
  23. Print of 19c Lincoln Cathedral after Carmichael, original hangs in Usher Gallery
  24. Rectangular bevel edged Mirror in a pine frame
  25. Oval Mirror in a puttee decorated frame
  26. Porthole Mirror in a wrought iron frame
  27. Square Mirror in a wrought iron frame
  28. Bevel edged oval Mirror in an oak frame
  29. Modern Mirror in a gilt style frame
  30. Vintage oval Shaving Mirror
  31. Convex Porthole Mirror
  32. Regency style triple oval dressing Table Mirror



  1. Silver proof GB £1 Coin with COA
  2. Assorted Banknotes
  3. Assorted Coins
  4. Predecimal GB Coins incl. worn George III and Edward VII Lord’s Prayer Pendant
  5. A round glass fronted Table Top contained a display of GB Predecimal Pennies
  6. Butlin’s pin Badges




  1. 4 Pocket Watches
  2. 4 Pocket Watches
  3. 4 Pocket Watches
  4. 4 Pocket Watches
  5. 4 Pocket Watches

                        COSTUME JEWELLERY


  1. Assorted Costume Jewellery and Religious Icons
  2. Dior Cosmetic Box containing Dior set and Hair Slides



  1. Engine inscribed and enamelled silver Cigarette Case
  2. Brooks and Bentley Gents 3 Lion decorated gold on silver diamond set Ring
  3. Cased set of 6 silver Coffee Bean Spoons
  4. Silver gilt ‘Mum’ Necklace with CZ Pendant
  5. Silver Necklace with blue topaz decoration
  6. Silver Necklace with Celtic design Pendant
  7. Silver Necklace with crystal drop Pendant
  8. Silver moonstone and marcasite Ring
  9. Silver Crossover white sapphire Ring
  10. Silver Art Deco inspired amethyst and marcasite Ring
  11. Silver gem set Flower Ring
  12. Silver jewel set white CZ Ring
  13. Silver citrine set Ring
  14. Silver jewel set white CZ Crossover Ring
  15. Silver blue jewelled crystal Ring
  16. 4 silver Rings
  17. Silver heart Pendant Necklace
  18. A pair of silver rimmed glass Salts
  19. A pair of silver backed Hairbrushes




  1. Ladies 14ct gold Necklace
  2. 18ct gold diamond Trilogy Ring
  3. 9ct gold sapphire and cz Cluster Ring



  1. 1960’s Pye Cambridge Monochrome 405 lines Valve Television
  2. Late 1960’s Bush Dual Standard Monochrome 405/625 lines Valve Television
  3. Early 1960’s Majestic VHF Cabinet Television by Kolster Brandes
  4. Early Marconi Monochrome portable Transistor Television
  5. Early Redifusion Monochrome Cabinet Valve Television
  6. 1960’s Ekco Monochrome 405 lines Valve Television
  7. 1960’s Baird Monochrome 405 lines Valve Television
  8. Early 1960’s Emerson Monochrome 405 lines Valve Television/Radio
  9. Empty Bush 1970’s Television Cabinet on legs
  10. 1970’s Hifi Stand
  11. Vintage Bang and Olufsen Beocenter 9000 CD Player with twin speakers
  12. Vintage Bang and Olufsen Record Deck Beocenter 3500 (case requires attention)
  13. Bakelite cased Radio for spares or repair
  14. Fluke 77 Test Meter
  15. Isolation Transformer with Variac
  16. Sony Monitor
  17. Oscilloscope
  18. Oscilloscope
  19. Signal Generator
  20. Signal Generator
  21. 3 boxes of Guest Electronics Carbon Filter Resistors and Polystyrene Capacitors
  22. Replacement Computer Hard Drives
  23. Video Test Signal Generator
  24. Boyer Digital Television Antenna Analyser
  25. 3 vintage portable Radios
  26. Sony Digital Audio-Video control centre
  27. Sony Blue Ray Disc Player
  28. Freestanding Mirror to see into the rear of an electrical appliance
  29. Assorted Electronics items
  30. 34 trays of Fixings
  31. Coaxial and other Cable
  32. Coaxial and other Cable
  33. 1980’s-1990’s Television Servicing Magazines
  34. 2002-2019 The Bulletin of the British Vintage Wireless Society Magazines
  35. Sealed bags of Capacitors
  36. Record Deck




  1. Samsung 40 inch HD ready Television
  2. Panasonic 42 inch HD ready Television
  3. 19 inch HD ready Television
  4. Hitachi 42 inch Television with Digibox
  5. Sony 26 inch HD ready Television
  6. Techwood 32 inch HD ready Television
  7. Blaupunkt 32 inch HD ready Television
  8. Logik 22 inch HD ready Television
  9. Finlux 22 inch HD ready Television
  10. 1980’s Fidelity Record Player
  11. Alba triple Compact Disc Hifi
  12. Dehumidifier
  13. Vibrating black leather style Massage Chair
  14. Illuminated Globe Desk Lamp
  15. Beko white Fridge-Freezer
  16. Zanussi white Washing Machine
  17. Daiwoo white Fridge-Freezer
  18. Beko white Washing Machine
  19. Hotpoint white Washing Machine
  20. AEG white Tumble Drier
  21. Beko silver Fridge-Freeezer
  22. Delonghi Microwave Oven




  1. 4 wheeled Mobility Walker


            CLOCKS and BAROMETERS


  1. Japanese alarm Clock, mini wheel Barometer and other small Clocks
  2. Vintage Mappin and Webb brass and faceted glass cased Carriage Clock
  3. Art Nuveau pewter Clock



  1. Oak Desk on straight legs with Frieze Drawers
  2. Demi lune wrought iron Hall Stand
  3. Reproduction Regency style mahogany Dining Suite with 6 Chairs
  4. Mahogany Sofa Table/Desk
  5. Antique oak Ladderback Chair with a reeded seat
  6. Modern leather style Sleigh Bed with a double Mattress
  7. Occasional Table with glass top in wrought iron frame
  8. Glazed display Cabinet
  9. Pair of oak elbow Chair
  10. Rocking Footstool
  11. Edwardian scallop edged Table with undertray
  12. Sheraton inspired mahogany breakfronted Desk with stringing decoration
  13. Georgian oak hanging Corner Cupboard with panelled doors
  14. Set of 4 Antique lyre backed mahogany dining Chairs-one requires attention
  15. Antique mahogany dropleaf Table with drawers and reeded legs
  16. Vintage folding mahogany Campaign Chair
  17. A nest of 2 ‘G’ Plan inspired modular occasional Tables
  18. A pair of ‘G’ Plan inspired Bedside Cabinets
  19. Highly carved occasional round Table
  20. 2 wall mounted curio Cabinets
  21. Classical style marble topped occasional Table on a metal base
  22. Round coffee Table on centre stem over 4 feet
  23. Long Coffee Table the top being a natural tree section
  24. Oak turned Standard Lamp with spiralling decoration
  25. Vintage mahogany Bureau with falling front over square tapered legs
  26. Rattan Peacock Chair
  27. Oval oak dropleaf Table with scissor action legs
  28. Oversized brown upholstered and Nubuck style Settee and Footstool
  29. 1960’s modulr Stool with one other
  30. Edwardian mahogany Wardrobe, dressing Table and Pot Cupboard
  31. Antique oak Arts and Crafts style Cupboard with plain door
  32. Antique oak Sewing Box on legs with sliding top
  33. 1940’s oak Bureau
  34. Graduating oak open Bookcase
  35. Lloyd Loom Lusty elbow Chair
  36. Antique mahogany and bergere cane elbow Chair
  37. Narrow oak open Bookcase
  38. White Bedside Drawers
  39. Painted pine Towel Rail
  40. ‘G’ Plan chest of Drawers
  41. ‘R’ and ‘R’ single Divan Bed
  42. Italian style marble topped Console Table with matching over Mirror
  43. Nest of 3 mahogany Tables
  44. Stag Minstrel Bedside Cabinet
  45. Industrial Trolley of cast piping on 4 castors with a pine top
  46. A pair of vintage leatherette high Stools on chrome swivel bases (EXPORT ONLY)
  47. Vintage sleigh style Hall Seat (EXPORT ONLY)
  48. 1970’s Dining Suite made in GDR by VEB VSI Neuhausen Model BE18 (EXPORT




Viewing Times: TUESDAY 11TH AUGUST, 2020 - 10.00am to 5.00pm & WEDNESDAY 12TH AUGUST, 2020 – 10.00am to 5.00pm

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