Specialist Auction

Thursday 5th December 2019

Specialist auction from 10:30 am in The Mart Showroom, 32, Roman Bank, Skegness, Lincolnshire, PE25 2SL







Items available to view on: 4th December 2019
Viewing Times: 10:00 – 20:00

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19 ‘OO’ Gauge Trackside and Army Vehicles
2Assorted, mostly Lesney small gauge Vehicles
3Dinky Toys Bedford blue and yellow Tipper Lorry
43 Triang Minic Motorways Vehicles
5Assorted Vehicle parts and spares
612 Lesney and Dinky miniature Vehicles and Trailers
7Hornby Dublo Bedford Flatbed Truck
8Dinky Toys Flatbed Truck and MG Midget Car
917 assorted Corgi and Matchbox Vehicles
1017 assorted Tomika, Majorette and other Vehicles
115 Del prado Fire Rescue Vehicles on stands
125 Del prado Fire Rescue Vehicles on stands
136 Del prado Fire Rescue Vehicles on stands
146 Del prado Fire Rescue Vehicles on stands
15Corgi AEC Turntable Fire Engine with Ergomatic Cab
165 Corgi Seagrove pumper, AIF 900 pumpers and Mack B pumpers
17Corgi AEC Turntable Fire Engine with Ergomatic Cab.
183 Fire Service Wagons Compr. Matchbox 1920 Mack AC Pumper, Lledo Model T Ford Service Truck and VW Fire Dept. Van
19Wooden Narrowboat on stand, Corgi Morris Minor and Range Rover towing the Inshore Lifeboat
203 Wooden Lifeboat Models on stands.
2112 Matchbox Sports Cars and Racing Cars
228 Matchbox Lorries and Transporters
2311 Matchbox Farming and Construction Vehicles
245 Matchbox Land Rovers
256 Matchbox Emergency and Rescue Vehicles
2610 Matchbox Lorries and Trucks
2710 Matchbox Lorries and Trucks
284 Matchbox Buses
299 Matchbox Vintage Delivery Vans
308 Matchbox Vintage Delivery Vans
311 Matchbox Lockheed Martin X-33 Spacecraft (Future Shuttle)
32Vintage Dinky Toys Massey Harris Tractor with Halesowen Farm Trailer
33Matchbox Trailers, Trains, etc
345 Maisto Construction Vehicles
354 Maisto Lifeguard Vehicles and Helicopter
363 Maisto Sportscars
372 Maisto Fire Engines
384 Maisto Lorries and Vans
393 Majorette Dairy Milk / Bournville Vans
406 Majorette Transporter Lorries and Vans
411 Majorette Large Bus
425 Hot Wheels Sportscars
431 Hot Wheels Lorry
441 ERTL Transporter Lorry
45Tin Toys Vintage Car
46ADG Plastic Bus
47PG Tips Racing Car and San Francisco Tram
483 Mattel Bus on stand, Digger and Wheeled Tractor
491 Marshall Horsebox
501 EFSI Greenline Bus
511 Welly Express Tours Bus
521 Cursor Models Silver Bus
531 Buddy Greyhound Bus
542 Hobbyear Classic Ford Van and Silver Jubilee Bus
551 Praling Mercedes Benz Bus
563 EFE Buses
57Lesney Commer Milk Float with a Mickey Mouse Train
588 Lledo Days Gone Vintage Delivery Vans
598 Lledo Days Gone Vintage Delivery Vans
602 Dinky Toys Beechcraft C55 Baron Aeroplane and Red Van
612 ERTL ‘The Corn Load set’ with Super Racing Fuelling Station
622 Matchbox Superkings Peterbilt Iglo Langese Freezer Truck with Peterbilt Pace Construction Tipper Truck
632 Matchbox Transporter Flat Cab with K-21 Ford H Series 1979 Yellow Continental Lorry
64Cameo 1955 1:38 Scale green Chevrolet Car
651 Siku Super Heavy Mobile Crane with Mack Lorry
661 Matchbox K-21 Ford H Series White ‘Sante Fe’ Lorry
671 Siku Mercedes Benz 2232 ‘Aral’ Petrol Tanker
681 Siku 3415 M.A.N Diesel Lorry with Crane Trailer with low loader
692 Matchbox Lesney Superkings K-4 Leyland Tipper Truck with a purple car transporter
701 Corgi Diamond T Ballast Pickfords Heavy Haulage Lorry
711 Majorette Bourgey Mont Revil BM Renault Saviem Lorry
722 Lonestar Kings of the Road Truck and Trailer with Solido Mercedes K132 1217 Truck
731 NZG Modelle no.148 Mercedes Benz Truck and Trailer
741 Shinsei Mini Mitsubishi Lorry and Trailer
752 Lesney Matchbox Kingsize Dodge Tractor and articulate Horse Van with Matchbox Superkings Ford LTS series Tractor and Texaco Tanker
762 Matchbox Lesney Ford Tractor and Tasker Transporter with Matchbox Superkings Simon Snorkell Fire Engine.
772 Matchbox Superkings Ford Tractor and Dyson low loader with Big Tipper
782 Matchbox Superkings Scammell heavy Crew Truck with Ferrari Lorry
792 Majorette Miami Truck and Trailer with Silver Trailer
802 Matchbox Superkings Ford LTS articulated Tipper Lorry with Volvo Flatbed Lorry Truck
811 MAN Heavy Haulage Truck
822 Matchbox Container Trailer ‘Gentrans Co’ with Car Transporter body
83Corgi Juniors Car Transporter body, lifeguard figures and road signs
841 ERTL Case CX210 Hydraulic Excavator
852 Matchbox Superkings 1985 Cotras 900E Mobile Cranes
86Plastic JCB 714 Tipper, Matchbox K8 Caterpillar Traxcavator and tipper Lorry
871 Norscott CAT 627G Motor Scraper
881 Fiat – Hitachi FH 240-3 Crane
891 Idal A111 Caterpillar 225 Crane
902 Dinky Toys Jones Fleetmaster 970 Crane with Coles Mobile Crane
911 Dinky Toys Coles Hydra Truck 150T extending Crane
923 Maisto Digger with Jackhammer, Matchbox Lesney Log Truck and Matchbox Excavator and Series no.8 D9 Caterpillar
93Dinky Toys no.279 Aveling Barford Diesel Roller with Orange Allis Chalmers Motor Scraper
941 China Traction Engine by Leonardo
951 NFK Hamleys Routemaster ‘Pugh and Co’ Bus
961 Tin Plate Showman’s Steam Traction Engine
971 Tin Plate Showman’s Steam Traction Engine
981 Tin Plate 1:8 scale John Deere 1931 Tractor
991 Tin Plate 1:10 scale grey Ferguson Tractor
1005 Lledo and Gilbow trackside ‘OO’ gauge Vehicles
101Revell 1/400 scale ‘Glasgow’ Oil Tanker plastic Model Kit
102Corgi Superhaulers 1/64 scale Scania Curtainsider Articulated Lorry
103Corgi Superhaulers 1/64 scale Renault Premium Curtainsider Lorry
104Lledo 1/76 scale Articulated Lorry with 3 Corgi Ford Transit Vans
105Vanguard 1/43 Scale Morris Minor Traveller Van
1062 Maisto USA Articulated Lorries and Vans
1072 Cararama 1/72 Scale Vans with 2 1/87 scale USA Trucks
1083 Classix 1/76 scale Vintage Lorries, Van and London black Taxi
1097 Cararama 1/60 scale Lorries
1109 Lledo days gone Vehicles
1119 Lledo days gone Vehicles
1124 Base Toys 1/76 scale Flatbed Lorries
1133 Base Toys 1/76 scale Flatbed Lorries, one with trailer
1143 Base Toys 1/76 scale Flatbed Lorries, one with Forklift load
1152 EFE 1/76 scale AEC dropside Lorry and Duple Coach
1162 EFE 1/76 scale Greenline double and single decker Buses
1173 Corgi Original Omnibus double and single Decker Buses
1184 Corgi double Decker Buses
1193 EFE ‘OO’ scale Lorry and Tankers
1203 EFE ‘OO’ scale Flatbed Lorries
1217 Superwheels cars and 1 articulated Lorry
1222 Lledo Trackside ‘OO’ gauge Scammell Ballast Box with low loader and crane load and Scammell Handymen Flatbed trailer with Steel load
1233 Lledo Trackside ‘OO’ gauge Scammell Scarabs and Leyland 8 wheeled dropside Lorry.
1248 Siku Lorries, Vans and Forklift Truck
1257 Oxford 1/76 scale Railway scale Classic British Vehicles
12611 Oxford 1/76 scale British Classic Vehicles
1278 Oxford 1/76 scale British Classic Vehicles and Tractor
1284 Oxford 1/76 scale Flatbed Lorry, Ford Recovery Trucks and Welsh Ambulance
129ProForce Construction set, Cararama 10 Vehicle set and Welly 4 Vehicle set.
130Dinky Toys no.404 Conveyance Forklift Truck
131Triang Minic M1574 Porsche Carrera GT
132Triang Minic Motorways M1542 Jaguar 3.4L Saloon Car
133Matchbox YFE04 1939 Bedford Fire Tanker with unboxed 1933 Cadillac V16 Fire Wagon
134Corgi no.96854 Morris Minor Fire Service Pickup
135Corgi Major no.1143 Fire Service Aerial Rescue Truck
136Corgi no.C1143/2 American LaFrance Fire Service Aerial Ladder Truck
1373 Signature Series 1/43 scale 1961 Magirus Deutz Merkur Fire Engine, 1938 Dennis light four Fire Engine and 1923 Maxim C1 Fire Engine
138Corgi no.97392 Simon/Dennis Hydraulic Platform Wagon
139Dinky no.285 Merryweather Marquis Fire Tender
140Corgi US no.53508 1/50 scale American Lafrance 700 Open Cab Fire Pumper no.4
1412 Corgi no.CS90043 American Seagrove 70th Anniversary Fire Pumper Wagon and no.CS90238 American E-One Rescue Wagon
1424 Lledo Dennis F8 Fire Engines.
1436 Lledo Dennis Fire Engines and Fire / Rescue Land Rover
1443 Corgi RNLI Vehicles compr. Morris 1000 Van, Tyne Class Lifeboat and VW Camper Van
1451 Large Matchbox Bus
1461 Large Matchbox Bus
1478 Lledo delivery Vehicles
1488 Lledo delivery Vehicles
1498 Lledo delivery Vehicles
1508 Lledo delivery Vehicles
1518 Lledo delivery Vehicles
1527 Lledo delivery Vehicles
1537 Lledo delivery Vehicles
1547 Lledo delivery Vehicles
1554 Lledo Brewing Showman’s and Trackside Vintage Lorry and load sets
1564 Lledo Trackside Vintage Lorry and load sets
1574 Lledo Trackside Vintage Lorry and load sets
1584 Lledo Trackside Vintage Lorry and load sets
159Vanguard Austin A35 Van
1602 Solido Citroen C4F 1930 Samaritaine blue and Citroen Fire Engine
1611 Burago Ferrari 348TB Evoluzione Sports Car
1621 Rietze Macpherson Bus
1631 Lioncar DAF 2800 NR59 Eurotrailer articulated Lorry
1641 Liberty Classics Model A Roadster
1651 Superior Western Railway Train
1661 Corgi Classics Royal Mail Delivery Van
1671 Corgi Volvo 4 Wheeled rigid Lorry with close Trailer
1681 Corgi Superhaulers Sainsburys Trailer
1691 Corgi Eddie Stobart Volvo Curtain sided Truck and Tractor
1702 Corgi Eddie Stobart Ford Escort Van with Eddie Stobart Scania Short Wheelbase Lorry
1711 Corgi Trackside Ruston Bucyrus 19 Face Shovel
1721 Corgi Golden Oldies ‘Ovaltine’ Bullnose Morrs Van
1732 Corgi Classic Delivery Vans
1742 Corgi ‘Only Fools and Horses’ Reliant Regal Super Van with a Yellow London Taxi
1751 Corgi Chassis AEC 508 Forward Control 5 ton Cabover Lorry
1761 Corgi ‘KS Plant Hire’ Mobile Crane
1771 Corgi Classics Model Bus Bus Depot
1781 Green Tractor Moneybox
1792 Joal Compact Drum Steam Roller and Wimpey Roller
1802 Joal Compact Volvo L70C loader with Atlas Copco ROC F7
1811 Joal Compact Wheel Tractor Scraper
1821 Joal Komatsu PC 1100LC-6 Avance
1831 Joal Compact Wheel Tractor Scraper
1841 Joal Compact Logger, Crawler and tipper Truck
1851 ERTL Case 750H Bulldozer
1861 Komatsu Avance PC100 Shovel
1871 ERTL Niveleuse 772CH John Deere Grader
1881 ERTL Charger Betroc Aveuse 3155J Backhoe Loader
1891 Norscot Caterpillar Power Module Truck
1901 Road and Track Highway Hauler Lorry
1911 First Gear Brockway Huskie 200 Series Tow Truck
1921 First Gear International Series 4400 Straight Truck
1931 Corgi Classics ‘Building Britain’ Bedford loader, etc
1941 Corgi Classics Diamond T980 plus 24 Wheel Girder Trailer
1951 Corgi Classics Scammell Constructor plus 24 wheel Girder Trailer
1961 Corgi Classics Annis and Co Ltd Diamond T Ballast with Girder Trailer
1971 Corgi Heavy Haulage Scammell Contractor Girder Trailer, etc
1981 Mack Granite Tractor with lowboy Trailer
1991 Ltd Edn Ruston Bucyrus 22-RB Cable Hoe Excavator
2001 Ltd Edn Ruston Bucyrus 22-RB Crane-Clam-Dragline
2011 Bauer BG 24H Drilling Rig
2021 ERTL Case CX210 Excavator
2031 Allis Chalmers Monarch 35 Crawler Tractor
2041 Norscott CAT D6R XL Track-Type Tractor
2051 Hitachi Sumitomo SCX500 Crawler Crane
2061 Manitowoc 4100W Ringer Vicon equipped Lift Crane

All effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the descriptions of each lot, but these, whether made orally or in the catalogue are statements of opinion and not statements of fact. No employee of the Auctioneers has any authority to make representation of fact and the Auctioneers disclaim on behalf of the Vendor and themselves responsibility of authenticity, origin and condition.

Messrs Hunters Turner Evans Stevens disclaim all responsibility for loss or damage to goods, or for unauthorised removal of goods unless caused by the direct negligence of their employees.


  1. All purchasers are deemed to have satisfied themselves as to the authenticity and condition of any lots before bidding.
  2. The auctioneers reserve the right to:-
  3. Refuse any bid
  4. Divide, combine, add to, or withdraw any lot
  5. Advance the bidding at their own discretion.
  6. Bid on behalf of the Vendor on lots where there may be a reserve price.
  7. In the event of a dispute to settle same and re-offer the lot.

The Auctioneers act as Agents only.


  1. An auctioneers commission of 15%, will be payable by purchasers, plus VAT.  There is no VAT upon the goods themelves.
  2. Payment must be in cash or by bank/credit card.
  3. All lots to be paid for and cleared by 5.00 pm on day of sale or by prior agreement with the auctioneers.
  4. Commission to purchase stated lots will be undertaken by the Auctioneers (without charge) subject to written order obtainable from Auctioneers staff.
  5. No warranty is provided on any items.
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