General Auction

Thursday 8th July 2021

General auction from 9:30 am in The Mart Sale Room, 32 Roman Bank, Skegness, Lincs, PE25 2SL

1 Assorted Books
2 Assorted Books
3 Assorted Books
4 Assorted Books
5 6 volumes of Winston S Churchill Second World War and set of Barbara Cartland
6 Gardening Books
7 French and other language Books
8 Natural History, Universe and other interesting Books
9 Assorted Paperback Novels in good condition
10 Assorted Paperback Novels in good condition
11 Assorted Paperback Novels in good condition
12 Assorted Paperback Novels in good condition
13 Assorted Paperback Novels in good condition
14 Assorted Paperback Novels in good condition
15 Assorted Paperback Novels in good condition
16 Assorted Paperback Novels in good condition
17 Assorted Paperback Novels in good condition
18 Assorted Paperback Novels in good condition
19 Assorted Paperback Novels in good condition
20 Assorted Paperback Novels in good condition
21 Assorted Paperback Novels in good condition
22 Assorted Paperback Novels in good condition
23 Assorted Paperback Novels in good condition
24 7 Harry Potter Novels by J K Rowling incl. 2 First Editions
25 CD’s
26 LP’s and Singles
27 1970’s-1980’s LP’s
28 Beatles double LP ‘The Beatles 1962-1966’ with 2 Beatles CD’s ‘Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club
Band’ and ‘Rubber Soul’
29 Domed Victorian glass Paperweight with a small chip to the rim
30 1970’s Arcoroc French Tea and Dinner ware
31 Cut glass Candlestick, Salt and square Dish
32 1986 Royal Doulton ‘Infinity’ part Tea and Dinner service
33 Coffee Mugs
34 6 blue stemmed Wine Glasses, Candlestick and Tumbler
35 Cut glass Vase with artificial Flowers
36 A pair of waisted cut glass Vases
37 2 Newcastle Brown Ale adverting Ashtrays
38 2 blue ceramic garden Tubs and a blue Frog water feature
39 2 large shallow glass Dishes
40 Wade Heath Fruit Bowl and a cream ware Sylvac Vase
41 Masons Ironstone Jug, etc.
42 Large ceramic Lazy Susan on round oak base by Debby Segura designs, 2005
43 Johnson Bros blue denim stone ware Bowls, Dinner and Tea ware
44 3 novelty Teapots incl. Rooster and Barge Art
45 Assorted blue and white china Plates
46 Assorted Plates incl. Copeland Spode47 Pendelfin ‘Curiosity Shop’
48 6 Boxed Pendelfin Rabbits
49 6 Boxed Pendelfin Rabbits
50 6 Boxed Pendelfin Rabbits
51 6 Boxed Pendelfin Rabbits
52 A pair of ceramic Jardinieres in a classical Mediterranean style on classical reeded column stands
53 Ginger striped Sylvac china Cat
54 A pair of large Staffordshire Flatback Spaniels
55 Masons china Tea Caddy with a pair of Wedgwood Plates
56 Attractive Limited Edition Capodimonte Hunting Diorama, entitled ‘Caccia alla Valpe’ but
unfortunately some parts are missing
57 Cut glass and silver plated Claret Jug
58 Almost complete set of 3 glass Decanters on a silver plated tri-lobe silver plated Tray with central
handle but unfortunately missing one stopper
59 Cries of London china Pot LId
60 A pair of Royal Doulton Flatback Spaniels
61 A pair of large Staffordshire Flatback Spaniels
62 A pair of large Staffordshire Flatback Spaniels with one smaller one
63 A Staffordshire Flatback of 2 Spaniels, one being stood on a barrel
64 A Staffordshire Flatback of 2 Spaniels, one being stood on a barrel
65 Burlington ware ‘Watchman’ Toby Jug
66 Crown Devon cream ware Jug with autumn leaves decoration and pewter lid together with a
similar butter Dish
67 A pair of Sampson Smith Flatback Spaniels
68 Ironstone, Delft and Royal Doulton blue and white china
69 Assorted Plates incl. Masons and Royal Doulton
70 Vintage Meat Plates and Dishes
71 19c Cranberry glass Jug
72 Doulton and Slater Lambeth ware twin handled Vase
73 2 Royal Doulton slip ware Jugs
74 Two 19c European china Spill Vases with typical figures at the bases
75 Staffordshire Flatback entitled ‘Travelling Musicians’ with a repair to the rear tree
76 Cantrell and Cochrane Club Soda heavy glass match striker Pot
77 Antique cream ware Stilton Dish with cover
78 Royal Crown Derby Imari 1128 candle Snuffer
79 6 early 20c Martini Glasses with cut glass decorated bowls and Airtwist stems
80 4 pieces of stylish glass incl. Caithness and Adam Sankey
81 Small Poole Vase in red Volcano design
82 A pair of swirling blown glass hanging baubles
83 5 unmarked glass Paperweights
84 2 unmarked vibrant blue glass Paperweights
85 Heavy round glass Paperweight by V Nason, Murano, Italy
86 5 small Caithness glass Paperweights
87 2 Caithness glass Paperweights
88 2 Caithness glass Paperweights
89 Vintage Tins
90 Chrome Tea ware and Cutlery
91 Early 20c silver plated boxed set of 6 Cake Forks and server
92 Oak Tray, Pine Doll’s Cot, Rolling Pins and Laundry nips
93 Plastic Fruit in a Basket
94 Black lacquered Oriental Tray with a typical hand painted scene
95 Knitting Bag on stand with Needles
96 1960’s ‘Traveller’ leather Briefcase
97 Silver plated Candelabra and card Tray98 Clothes Brushes and leather Pots
99 Cats and Dogs incl. Avon Cat Scent Bottle and Dora Door stops
100 4 wheeled Mobility Walker with 2 rigid Trays
101 Baskets, Place Mats, etc.
102 3 King-size Bedspreads in their original packs
103 Chrome Bathroom folding Towel Rail, clothes Airer, Chrome Bins, Scales and Mirror
104 Thermos Flasks and Cups
105 Plastic Kitchen Containers and Chopping Boards
106 Orange Cook ware incl. Le Crueset
107 2 carved wooden tidy Boxes, wooden place Mats and 2 engineered beech sets of table top
108 2 large pine chopping Boards, wooden boot Jack and inlaid Box
109 3 Shooting Sticks
110 Holdalls, Rucksacks, etc.
111 Assorted G Clamps and quick Clamps
112 Boxed 260 psi Compressor, Jumpstart Pack, Traction treads, Utility Lock and Witter Tow-bar Ball
113 6 galvanised steel storage Boxes
114 Irvin Mk. 15 Parachute ( Not to be used )
115 Halfords boxed Gazebo and weight boxes, Grass Bucket and various covers for garden furniture
116 T G Green Mixing Bowl, wooden Rolling Pins and Spatulas
117 Black and Decker plastic Toolbox with assorted Tools
118 Boxed Socket and Spanner set
119 Plastic Toolbox with plumbing fittings
120 Aluminium camera Case and 3 Tripod Stands
121 Red Ikea metal Bin style Waste paper Bin
122 3 panel Saws and wood working Squares
123 Black steel bodied folding Sack Barrow
124 Assorted Screws, Bolts, Washers, etc.
125 A pair of Stanley adjustable plastic Tressels
126 Unused Buckets, rubble Buckets, etc.
127 2 Clarke Sash Cramps
128 Axe, Pickaxe, Shovel and Sledge Hammer
129 Cutlery
130 2 Roberts Play battery operated digital Radios
131 Hanging brass Bell on a wall bracket with pull cord
132 2 sets of 3 modern Suitcases
133 Material
134 Herringbone check and other wool material
135 Attractive floral edged and cream Bedspread and Pillow cases with Floral Curtains
136 3 modern stylish Blankets
137 2 plastic Curver Laundry Baskets with hinged lids
138 Boxed set of 3 pairs of Dumbbells – 0.50kg -1.50kg
139 Artist wooden paint Box and contents
140 2 pairs of Skis and Ski Poles and a pair of Ski Boots
141 Lockable steel cream Medicine Cabinet
142 Brannon medical Thermometer in a chrome pocket case
143 Gelert and Vango Sleeping Pods and a Sprayway Sleeping Bag, all 3 season
144 Plastic Garden Trolley seat, garden Tools and cassette Hosereel
145 4 part Aluminium multi-purpose Ladder by Hyman of Germany
146 Craft items
147 Vintage Mandolin in a case by Umberto Ceccherini, requiring restringing
148 Leather case of various Board Games
149 3 point hybrid 3d Head Mask
150 A pair of yellow and black plastic storage Tubs
151 Large Industrial flat bladed Screwdriver
152 Wooden Baseball Bat153 Boxed Bushnell Nature View HD Wildlife Camera
154 Red steel Cabinet of 6 drawers
155 A pair of hand operated GS plasterboard Props
156 Heavy steel Chain
157 2 ‘No Fear’ Wet Suits, sizes XL and M
158 Gents outdoor Fleece Jackets, mostly Large incl. Berghaus, Tog 24 and Craghoppers
159 Gents outdoor Trousers
160 Ladies outdoor Trousers and Tops
161 Ladies outdoor Jackets incl. Timberland Waxed Jacket
162 Gents and Ladies Crombie style wool Coats
163 Ladies and Gents Puffa and similar Coats
164 Unused Ladies Nike Air Running Shoes, size 6
165 Unused and boxed Pierre Cardin black Shoes, size 9 with a pair of Clarke’s brown lace up Boots,
size 9.5
166 4 pairs of Gents size 10 Footwear incl. CAT Marina, Sketchers and HiTec shore Sandals
167 3 twin round plant Baskets on blacksmith made wrought iron stands
168 Fortnum and Mason Wicker picnic Basket
169 2 Copper Kettles
170 Brass Jam Pan
171 Brass Trivet, Guardsman Doorstop, Horse Brasses, Bell and Candleholder
172 A pair of Royal Artillery crested brass Inkwells and Tray, believed to be Trench Art
173 Oval and curved brass lidded box inscribed Edward Bradley, 1845 possibly a hand warmer
174 5 brass Candlesticks with a miniature Warming Pan
176 Finely decorated brass and Needlepoint dressing Table Brushes, Mirror and Clock
177 A pair of Victorian Crockery Jelly Moulds
178 Boxed set of 10 (plus 1) Apostle Teaspoons
179 A pair of painted heavy Horse Hames
180 6 local glss Pop Bottles
181 Slipware Ink Bottles
182 Wooden Mallet
183 Copper Chocolate Jug and other other
184 Copper Warming Pan
185 Copper Coal Helmet
186 Beaten Copper Jardiniere, the naively worked decoration in an art Nuveau style
187 Silver plated ware incl. 4 footed Dish, Candelabra, Jugs, Condiments, Bells, etc.5 Pewter and
silver Plated Tankards with a silver plated Hip Flask
188 Silver plated Tankard and Loving Cup, each inscribed Boston and Spalding
189 Silver plated and enamelled Collectors Teaspoons
190 Vintage grey Sheepskin Ladies Jacket
191 4 wheeled green steel garden Trailer with a pivoting front axle
192 Hayter Ranger 48 Autodrive petrol Lawnmower
193 A pair of Unused ROLAC aluminium extending Ramps with mineral covered tracks, to hold up to
250 Kgs
194 Large Stanley plastic Toolbox with wheels, pull out handle and contents
195 Ryobi petrol garden Multi-Tool incorporating Hedge Trimmer, Strimmer and chainsaw attachments
196 A large plastic garden Storage Box with a lockable hinged lid, height 21”, length 44” and depth 19”
197 A large plastic garden Storage Box with a lockable hinged lid, height 21”, length 44” and depth 19”
198 Air Force Memorabilia incl. Navigation Equipment, Shell Case, CFM 56 Engine Manual, wooden
Toolbox, etc.
199 Youngman’s fibreglass extension Ladder, total extension height 650 cm
200 Large cross section of a tree approx. 3” deep x 67” long
201 Large cross section of a tree approx. 3” deep x 67” long
202 Vintage steel floor mounted Safe, height 24”, with opening door and drawer (both with keys) and
makers plate ‘Samuel Withers and Co.’
203 Superb Clarke red steel lockable Tool Cabinet on wheels with 7 long pull out drawers full of
spanners, sockets, etc.
204 Squier Stratocaster electric lead Guitar with cradle, shoulder strap, Marshall MG15DFX Amplifier
and cable205 Classical style concrete garden Statue of a semi naked Maiden
206 Classical style concrete garden Statue of a semi naked Maiden
207 Concrete garden Statue of a boy in a Tunic
208 Concrete garden Statue of a boy in a Tunic
209 Concrete garden Statue of a boy with a basket of flowers on a square plinth
210 Concrete garden Statue of a boy with a basket of flowers on a square plinth
211 Concrete garden Statue of a pair of Lovers
212 Concrete garden Statue of a pair of Lovers
213 Classical style ceramic Column with a reeded body and Corinthian Capital
214 A pair of concrete garden Lions with Shields sat on Plinths
215 2 vintage Harbour Watercolours
216 5 naïve Watercolours of Coastal and Rural scenes
217 A Coastal Watercolour by Thomas
218 Photograph frames incl. novelty Motorcycle
219 Prints after Botero, Nicholas Verrall and Paul Simmons
220 2 large framed Hunting Prints , one being an Oilette
221 Large oil on canvas of Lake Martel, Mallorca by H Birch, 1983
222 Mediterranean Harbour scene bu R W Carrie, 1969
223 Gilt framed print of The Mona Lisa
224 1970’s oil on canvas of a woodland scene with naïve pastel of a Lake scene
225 6 Impressionist prints
226 Impressionist oilette in an oak frame
227 4 vintage ‘Cries of London’ prints
228 3 prints of vintage scenes with a needlepoint
229 3 vintage prints after scenes from Charles Dickens Novels in oak frames
230 Antique oil on canvas of an elderly Lady in a green shawl and black mourning dress, unsigned
231 Antique oil on canvas of a cottage scene in a deep gilt frame
232 White painted toilet swing Mirror
233 Modern rectangular Mirror in a gilt effect frame
234 Modern rectangular Mirror with a bevelled glass plate
235 Modern rectangular Mirror with a bevelled glass plate
236 Modern Mirror with an over printed art deco scene of 2 Lovers
237 Modern rectangular Mirror in gilt effect frame
238 Modern Rectangular Mirror in a pine frame
239 Vintage GB predecimal Coins incl. Victorian
240 Vintage Motorcycling Lapel Badges
241 Modern white metal RAF Cap Badge, Boeing Lapel Badge, RF Squadron Lapel Badge, etc.
242 3 gold effect Rings with a gold effect Knot Brooch
243 2 Chunky Beaded Necklaces, Boxed simulated Pearls, vintage black glass strand Necklace, Celtic
design Shield Brooch and Milifiori pin Badge
WATCHES244 2 Ladies Wristwatches
245 Axis revolving electric twin watch display unit
246 Vintage Ladies Wristwatch in a brass case with a mother of pearl bezel and enamelled face, rolled
gold Cocktail Watch with an art deco square face, Oris Cocktail Watch and Excalibur Wristwatch
247 1986 Tissot analogue quart Wristwatch in a stainless steel case and strap
248 Vintage Ladies Omega Cocktail Wristwatch with an enamelled face, the hands and hour markers
being possibly gold in a white metal case with stainless steel link bracelet strap
249 4 genuine Pandora silver Beads
250 Expanding red Nurses Belt with an ornate silver clasp
251 2 silver gemstone Rings
252 4 silver and enamelled collectors Teaspoons
253 Silver dressing table Pot with a fretwork silver lid depicting sprigs of Mistletoe
254 Ladies half Hunter pocket Watch in a silver case with enamelled face, the movement requires
255 Antique silver half pint Tankard
256 Antique silver Match Striker Lighter with engine engraved decoration
257 Antique silver Match Striker Lighter with engine engraved decoration
258 Superb silver Cigarette Case, hallmarked London 1804, with an engraved top with inset Vesta
case, possibly rose gold inscribed with the initials WSB
259 Rope lozenge Ring with an oval turquoise gemstone, believed to be 9ct
260 9ct gold sapphire and diamond Ring
261 9ct gold garnet and seed pearl Ring
262 Small 9ct gold Signet Ring
263 9ct gold Ring with a mount of 2 oval opals and 3 Amethysts
264 9ct gold Ring with a cluster of milky red Stones
265 9ct gold Stock Pin with a central square cut pink faceted Gem Stone
266 9ct gold Ring with a solitaire diamond in an illusion mount
267 9ct gold Necklace and Earring set having a woven Chain with drop pendant and matching
Earrings each with 5 inset clear gemstones
268 Gents Rotary Wristwatch with a mechanical movement in a 9ct gold case with a leather strap
269 A Brockhouse Corgi ‘Well Bike’ Motorcycle manufactured in the late 1940’s-1950’s. Being a
descendant of the Well Bikes which were used in World War II. The Motorcycle is presently
stripped and in pieces and requires reassembly, being found at the property in this condition the
Auctioneers cannot confirm whether or not it is complete and it is therefore being sold as seen.
The Auctioneers are aware that the Licence plate EUJ 25 is not registered with DVLA.
270 Pretty Table Lamp, the base being carved out of wood in the form of 2 birds on a fruit tree
271 Ferguson DAB Radio
272 Onyx Standard Lamp with brass decoration and 4 footed base
273 A pair of modern cream angle poise Lamps
274 2 modern Angle poise Lamps, one being chrome
275 3 Ikea Spotlights on clamped bases
276 4 angled reading Lamps, floor standing, height 51”
277 Superb classical style Lamp on a column base, both in faux sandstone with reeded bodies, the
base having a Corinthian Capital
278 Classical style Table Lamp with a round ceramic Base
279 Dyson DC07 Upright Vacuum Cleaner280 Samsung 1800w Upright Vacuum Cleaner
281 Boxed Black and Decker Wizard Multi Tool
282 Boxed Makita 18v Battery Drill and Charger
283 Boxed Black and Decker Plunge Router
284 Boxed Black and Decker Mouse Sander
285 Scorpion Saw, 2 Drills and Sander
286 Black and Decker electric leaf Blower
287 Boxed Bosch XEO universal Cutter with an unboxed Bosch IXO Screwdriver
288 Bosch electric Chainsaw
289 Boxed MacAllister Angle Grinder with spare Discs and Piranha blades
290 Vintage Pioneer Amplifier with an Ion vinyl forever Turntable to computer interface
291 A pair of vintage Solavox PR45 mkII cabinet Speakers in oak cases
292 LG 22” HD Television
293 Sony 40” HD Television
294 Keyton black leather reclining massage Chair, requiring attention to the footrest
295 Sharp 40Ltr 900w Microwave-Grill-Oven
296 Sharp 40Ltr 900w Microwave-Grill-Oven
297 Hotpoint Future white under counter Refrigerator
298 Bosch white Fridge-Freezer
299 Fisher and Paykel active-smart Fridge-Freezer with a brushed steel body
300 Smith’s Sectric mains electric mantel Clock with a modern Carriage Clock with a quartz movement
301 Reproduction round Ship’s Bulkhead Clock in a brass case with modern quartz movement
302 Early 20c oak mantel Clock in an art deco style with a square face
302 Modern round French inspired wall Clock
303 19c French mahogany Bracket Clock with a Pagoda canopy on 4 brass feet, with movement by R
& Co. Paris
304 Modern Mahogany Vienna Wall Clock with a glass fronted arched top case, silvered dial and 31
day movement
305 Modern oak cased Grandmother Clock with an 8 day movement, leaded glass front door and
brass face with a silvered chapter ring
306 Modern inlaid mahogany cased Grandfather Clock with half moon hood under a Regency
Pediment, mechanical movement behind a silvered dial with classical spandrels
307 19c Wheel Barometer having a round dial in an oak case, req attn
308 Superb mahogany and inlaid Apprentice piece miniature Chest of Drawers in the Georgian style
with 5 drawers and bracket feet, height 17”
309 Edwardian Oak Plant stand on 4 Square tapered legs
310 Antique painted pine chest of 4 drawers with glass handles
311 G Plan style 1970’s occasional Tables
312 Two 1970’s occasional Tables with formica tops and round black legs
313 Inlaid Edwardian mahogany Hall Chair
314 Round oak effect side Table on a centre stem over 4 splayed feet
315 Square bodied faceted Torchere
316 2 green beize card Tables with folding legs
317 Sewing Box on 4 legs with lid and corrugated decorated side panels
318 19c mahogany Sideboard with curly walnut panels, carved doors and drawers and art Nuveau
copper handles
319 High gloss oak Bureu with a pull out writing top under drawers and shelves over a twin doored
320 Unused double Mattress, still rolled up
321 High gloss mahogany bedside chest of 3 drawers
322 High gloss mahogany occasional Table with under tray
323 High gloss curly walnut oval coffee Table with classical style end supports324 High gloss Sorrento mahogany Coffee Table with a scallop edged top on a baluster stem
325 A pair of mahogany wine Tables with tri-lobe tops and undertrays
326 High gloss Sorrento mahogany oval side Table with drawer and undertray
327 Modern reproduction bedroom Chair in fawn velour button backed upholstery
328 Faceted wooden Column with bulbous body and painted decoration
329 Oak side Table with a plain top on 4 legs with a poker work decorated drawer
330 Dark stained hanging pine Shelves
331 White painted Victorian demi lune Console Table with a grey veined marble top
332 A pair of plain oak 4 legged Stools
333 Mahogany hanging wall Cupboard with a twin doored cupboard and an upper shelf
334 Oak hanging wall Cupboard with twin panelled doors and a Regency style pediment
335 Vintage Stickback elbow Chair requiring attention
336 Georgian oak hanging Corner Cupboard with twin panelled doors having inlaid stringing
337 Georgian oak bow fronted hanging corner cupboard with twin plain doors and typical brass hinges
338 6ft tall solid pine Bookcase with reeded columns under a deep cornice with 6 fixed open shelves
339 1920’s Burr Walnut and mahogany Armoire Wardrobe by W H Gare Ltd of London and Kingston
upon Thames
340 19c mahogany Davenport with serpentine front legs, opening writing slope with inlaid leather top
and 4 drawers to one side and faux drawers to the other
341 Chunky light oak Cupboard with 2 long drawers over 2 cupboards
342 Chunky light oak Console comprising 4 drawers and undertray
343 Chunky light oak Bookcase with 4 open shelves and base drawer
344 Chunky light oak double bed base and ends
345 Oak dropleaf dining Table
346 A pair of red leather chairs on sprung beech frames
347 A set of 4 Ikea Jules engineered wooden kitchen chairs on chrome legs
348 3 Rugs, 2 of which have a matching geometric pattern
349 Triumph 4 drawer steel filing Cabinet
350 Metal framed single Bed with Mattress
351 Tubular steel double Bed frame
352 Double Mattress size topper
353 Mahogany Music Cabinet with pull up tambour front and pull out drawers
354 A pair of modern light oak bedside Chests each with 3 high gloss white drawers
355 A pair of Thomas Lloyd distressed tan leather Club Chairs with a matching Footstool
356 Nathan teak Hifi, Record and CD Cabinet on wheels
357 1960’s Swedish teak roll top Bureau by Egon Ostergaard, having a retracting top revealing
drawers and shelves, and a pull out writing top over 3 long drawers on a modular 4 legged base.

Viewing Times: TUESDAY 6 TH JULY 2021 - 10.00am to 5.00pm & WEDNESDAY 7 TH JULY 2021 – 10.00am to 5.00pm

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